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Free FLV Video Player

 Download Now!                  Downloaded : 14829 times

Features :

  • You can play only .flv file extensions in the player
  • The video can be added to the player from an external XML file
  • You can add only one Video
  • The video can be paused or played by clicking the pause button
  • Buffering bar shows the percentage of video downloaded
  • The video can be moved to any position by clicking on the seek bar
  • The user can adjust the volume
  • The user can mute the volume
  • The user can toggle between full screen and normal video options
  • The dimension of the video player is 480x300 px
  • The dimension of the flv video is 480x260 px

Terms of Use

  • The Entheos Flash Video Galleries may be used in any kinds of personal and/or commercial projects.
  • The Entheos Flash Video Galleries should not be redistributed or resold to other companies or third parties.

Please note that you can play only .flv files using the flash player. If you have any other format you can convert it to .flv extensions using easily available software on the Internet.

Ensure that your server supports .flv files.

Premium FLV Player 1 - Flash & XML Video Gallery (Unlimited Videos)

Amazing features!

  • Unlimited videos (.flv files)
  • Unlimited description text
  • Thumbnails
  • Title text up to 48 characters
  • Easy to use, you don’t need Flash to customize your gallery
  • Externally loaded flv video files

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