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Free Flash & XML Slideshow Photo Gallery

Download our free Dynamic Flash Slideshow Photo Gallery. You can easily add, edit or delete images and thumbnails by editing an xml file in Notepad. Creating your own Flash slideshow photo gallery has never been easier! View the demo below for a Flash and XML slideshow photo gallery. Click here to view all our free Flash Photo Galleries.

Flash Slideshow Photo Gallery!
Download Now! Downloaded : 135124 times

Features of the Entheos Free Dynamic Flash & XML Photo Slideshow:

  1. Flash Slideshow Photo Gallery
  2. Next and Previous Buttons
  3. Add unlimited number of images
  4. Add photos and captions easily in an XML file which can be easily edited in Notepad
  5. Preloader for loading images
  6. Images are loaded externally from a photos folder
  7. Neat fade-in and fade-out photo transition effect

Steps to use this simple Flash & XML Photo Slideshow

  1. Download the zip file and extract the files. You will have a folder called Photo_Gallery4 which will have photos.xml, flashshow.html, flashshow.swf and a photos folder.
  2. Make sure your images are in the following dimensions and in .jpg format :
    Width : 345px
    Height : 525px
  3. Copy all the images to the folder called photos.
  4. Open photos.xml and edit the file names and headings. E.g
    <caption>Cheery Pie ala Mode</caption>  
    ice1.jpg and Cheery Pie ala Mode should be changed to your image filename and image caption
  5. To delete images simply delete the block of code pertaining to that image in the xml file and delete that image from the photos folder.
  6. To add additional images, simply copy a new block of code similar as above and edit the file name and the caption.

Terms of Use

  • The Entheos Flash Photo Galleries may be used in any kinds of personal and/or commercial projects.
  • The Entheos Flash Photo Galleries may not be redistributed or resold to other companies or third parties.

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