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   Flash Tutorials & Resources

Our free Flash tutorials cover the basics of Flash animation and Flash actionscripting. Learn cool Flash effects and basic Flash concepts with these simple Flash tutorials. We also have Video tutorials for learning Flash.

Page Roll Transition Effect Outline Animation Effect Rotating 3D Planet in Flash
Page Roll Transition Effect Outline Animation Effect in Flash Creating Realistic 3D Planet
Striped Transition Effect Burning Image Effect in Flash Rippling Water Animation
Advance Masking Effect for Image Transition! burning animation in flash rippling water animation in flash
Horizontal Image Transition Cool Lighting Effects Animating a Static Image
Creating an Advance Vertical Masking effect using Masking in Flash! Cool Lighting Effects in Flash Static Image Animation in Flash
Checkboard Effect Particles in Flash Video in Flash
Checkboard Transition Effect in Flash Particles in Flash Using Video in Flash
Animated Car Banner Drag & Drop in Flash Flash & XML Photo Gallery
Creating an Animated Banner in Flash drag & drop functionality in Flash flash photo gallery tutorial
3D Animation in Flash CS5 Simple Animation Create a Flash Website
3D animation in Flash cs5 simple flash animation tutorial

Best Flash Resources

Best 3D & Carousel Flash & XML Photo Galleries Best Flash Animated Backgrounds Best Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates
Best 3D & Carousel Flash & XML Photo Galleries Best Animated Flash Backgrounds Best Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates

How to Create a Flash Website

This is part of a 6 part tutorial series on how to create a Flash website using Flash CS5. The tutorial covers the following :

  1. Creating a web template using Photoshop

  2. Importing a Photoshop file in Flash CS5

  3. Adding sounds and animation to buttons

  4. Adding Animation and Button interactivity

  5. Adding a Preloader

  6. Publishing the Flash content

Animation & Effects Tutorials

Motion Tween
Shape Tween
Working on Layers
Motion Guide
Bouncing Effect
Fade In & Fade Out Effect  
Zoom In & Zoom Out Effect 
blur Blur Effect  
Straight Ripple Effect
Circular Ripple Effect
Sparkling Glass Effect
Photo Slideshow 


Actionscript Tutorials

Custom Cursor  
Linking to External Files
Loading External Images
Scrolling Content
Random Movement
Simple Preloader
Simple Timeline Preloader
Digital Clock
Analog Clock
ON\OFF Sound Button

Flash Articles

Flash CS4 Animation
Benefits and Drawbacks of Flash Web Design

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Bitmap to Vector
Change Image Color
Drop Shadow
Glow Effect
Gradients to Text
Transparent Background


Free Flash Resources

Flash Photo Gallery Photo Galleries Flash Photo Gallery Dynamic Text Scroller


Flash Photo Gallery FLV Player Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates    


Flash Video Tutorials brought to you by LearnFlash.com

Animation & Effects Tutorials

Shining Text Mask Effect
Lightning Effect
Film Grain Effect
Drawing Snowflakes
Fog Effect
Rotating Globe Effect
Drawing & Creating Characters in Flash

Actionscript Tutorials

Drag and Drop Actionscript  
Drop Down Menu
Countdown Timer
Falling Snowflakes Animation
basic slideshow Animated Bubbles Cursor
Creating A Custom Scroller
Fly Out Menu
Actionscript for Arrow Keys
basic slideshow Basic Slideshow
basic slideshow Introduction to Actionscript 3.0


Internet Explorer Fix for removing the gray box around Flash files

If you've been working with Flash at all recently, then you've probably noticed an annoying little quirk when trying to view your
Flash files in Internet Explorer, where you have to click to "activate" your Flash file in the browser before you can interact with it. Fortunately, there's a way to get around this little quirk, and in this tutorial, you will learn the IE fix.

Premium Flash Photo Galleries

Dynamic Flash & XML Photo Galleries (Unlimited Number of Photos)

These dynamic Flash & XML Photo Galleries give you the capability to add unlimited images. These are stand alone photo galleries that can be added to any html page. You don't need to have Flash to use these galleries as images are loaded externally and text is added in an xml file which can be edited in any text editor. Preloaders are added for the images.

Photo Gallery 24 - Big Size Flash XML Gallery with Music Player Photo Gallery 23 - Simple Photo Slideshow Photo Gallery 22 - Page Flip Photo Album - Photo Gallery 21 - Categories, Thumbnails & Descriptions Photo Gallery 20 - Thumbnail Gallery with Titles & Descriptions
Photo Gallery 19 - Flash XML Thumbnail Gallery with Transition Effects Photo Gallery 18 - Thumbnail Flash XML Gallery with Categories Photo Gallery 17 - Thumbnail Flash XML Gallery with Flexibile Big Images Photo Gallery 16 - Categories,
Thumbnails and Flexible Big Images
Photo Gallery 15 - Simple Flash XML Gallery
Photo Gallery 14 - Categories,
Thumbnails and Flexible Big Images
Photo Gallery 13 -
Thumbnails and Automatic Resize of Big Images
Photo Gallery 12 - Categories,
Thumbnails and Enlarged Images
Photo Gallery 10 - Gallery with Pop-Up Thumbnail Images & Slideshow Photo Gallery 9 - Thumbnail Flash XML Gallery with Image Descriptions
Photo Gallery 6 - Categories,
Thumbnails and Enlarged Images
Photo Gallery 5 - Gallery with 4 Categories Photo Gallery 3 - Flash & XML Thumbnail Photo Gallery    


Static Flash Photo Galleries (Limited Number of Photos)

Flash Photo Gallery 7 -Static Flash Photo Gallery with Zooming Thumbnails & 4 Categories Flash Photo Gallery 11 - Static Flash Photo Gallery with Zooming Thumbnails and Slideshow option Flash Photo Gallery 8 - Static Flash Thumbnail Photo Gallery

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