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Flash 8 Recommended Books

Here are some recommended books to learn Flash 8. These are books that are popular and have received good reviews.

Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours
by Phillip Kerman
Average Customer Review: 5.0  out of 5 stars

Explore the depth and flexibility of Macromedia Flash 8 with Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours. Fundamental topics are presented one-by-one in a series of 24 one-hour lessons that will help you master the basics of Flash. Author Phillip Kerman, an internationally-known Macromedia trainer and multimedia expert, offers you a clearly-written, well-organized introduction to Macromedia Flash 8 without becoming too overwhelming. You will cover such subjects as:

  • Drawing and Painting Original Art
  • Using Motion Tween to Animate
  • Animatng Using Movie Clips
  • Using Actions to Create Non-Linear Movies
  • Optimizing a Flash Site
  • Publishing a Creation

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Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Hands-On Training (Hands-on Training (H.O.T))
by James Gonzalez
Average Customer Review: 4.5  out of 5 stars

Do you like to learn by doing? Do manuals leave you bored and craving real-world examples? Do you want to concrete training that goes beyond theory and reference materials? If so, this book is for you.

These hands-on exercises teach you to start creating Flash animations and interactive files with little effort. You’ll learn to create vector animations using a wide variety if drawing tools and Timeline effects, and add interactivity and dynamic content to your projects by using ActionScript 2, Components, and the Behaviors panel.  You’ll also learn how to import bitmaps, sounds, and video to make your Flash projects more engaging, and find extensive coverage of the new Flash 8 features: the improved text tool, new text rendering engine, new graphic filters, and more.  

Complete with insider tips, illustrated with detailed graphics, and accompanied by a CD loaded with classroom-proven exercises and QuickTime movies, this book ensures you’ll master key features of Flash 8 in no time.

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Flash 8 ActionScript Bible (Bible)
by Joey Lott, Robert Reinhardt
Average Customer Review: 4.0  out of 5 stars

To create Flash applications that sizzle, you have to learn the code. In this comprehensive guide to the latest version of ActionScript, the object-oriented scripting language for Macromedia Flash, you'll get the detailed instruction and step-by-step tutorials you need to write robust code and create sophisticated interactive animations. Work with objects and components, interoperate with JavaScript, create games, and more - it's all here in this informative book for developers, programmers, and designers.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Flash 8 ActionScript Master the basics of ActionScript expressions, functions, and variables Work with numbers, arrays, and strings Transform your movie clips with colors and filters Program sound and manage video Manage data with Web Services and Flash Remoting Call ActionScript functions from JavaScript Learn scripting for the Flash stand-alone player

Bonus Companion Web site!

Find code downloads and example files at: www.wiley.com/go/actionscriptbible

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Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development (Game Development)
by Glen Rhodes
Average Customer Review: 4.0  out of 5 stars

If you want to take your Flash Professional 8 skills to a new level while learning how to produce games that rival anything available on the web, this is the book for you. Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development is written by a professional game developer. Using the power of Flash and the most recent advancements in ActionScript, the book progresses through the entire development process to teach programmers and Web developers how to create professional quality games quickly. It teaches techniques for producing fast 3D effects that can be used with ?cheat? techniques to produce powerful, high-performance results. It details the actual science of game development, including design, character development, the physics and motion of a game, and audio issues. And in this new edition, all of the latest features of Flash Professional 8 are covered, including the new sound channels, bitmap caching, texture pages, and more. The book covers many advanced topics in a simple, easy to understand way. It emphasizes the incredible power of the new BitmapData class and teaches how it can be used to take the performance of Flash games to a whole new level. It has never been easier to get right down to the pixel level and manipulate things at blazing speeds, making previously impossible games a breeze to make. So get to your computer, insert the CD-ROM, and prepare to begin your journey into the world of Flash Professional 8 game development.

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