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Flash Text Rollovers

If you have used Fireworks before you must be knowing what are text link rollovers. You can create these rollovers even in Dreamweaver! Follow these steps.

Step 1 : Place the cursor where you want the rollover text to be positioned. Click on Insert>Media>Flash Text. The following window will be displayed.

Step 2 : Select a font and size. Click on color option and select a color for the text and next select a rollover color. Type your text in the text box. If your text has a link browse the page. Select a target. If you wish you can give a background color for your text. Lastly save it with an extension .swf and click OK.

Step 3: To preview the flash text select the image, you will see a play button in the properties window. Click on the play button and move your mouse over the text to view the rollover effect after which you can click on stop to end the preview.




Step 4 : Below is my result. Move your mouse over the text for the rollover effect. You can also edit the font type, color and size by clicking on the edit button.


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