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Benefits of Readymade Ecommerce Solutions Vs. Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, osCommerce, and Magento are readymade ecommerce solutions built on open source software, as against commercial or proprietary software.

Custom ecommerce website solutions built on proprietary software cost more and take a longer time to develop.  Scaling up or expanding the range of product offerings again costs time and money.  Small or medium-sized businesses can stay agile and competitive by using affordable, readymade ecommerce website solutions like Zen Cart, built on open source software which can be readily modified.

Readymade ecommerce website solution

Custom ecommerce website solution

Save time.
Ready-to-use shopping cart software gets your storefront up and running in a jiffy!

Takes a longer time to develop.
With a custom ecommerce website solution you start from scratch.  The web design front end and the programming backend have to be developed from ground zero. 

Save money.
You don’t need expensive software to develop and run the program.  You only pay to integrate it with your website.

Costs a whole lot more.
Professional talent and time goes into the making of custom solutions.   Naturally, you have to pay for this.

Try it out for free.
You can begin with the free versions and later scale up to professional versions of open source ecommerce software like Zen Cart, OsCommerce, CRE Loaded, Magento and others.

You have to pay to try it out.
You don’t have the luxury of a free trial version.  Your custom-developed ecommerce website costs you money even to try it out.

User-friendly for different needs.
Whether yours is a single-product business or a multi-product store with multiple shipping options, readymade ecommerce solutions lay out the options before you.  They simplify the process so you can start using your ecommerce website very soon.

Defining project specs/scope can be a challenge.
If you’re not a techie, you may have some difficulty in explaining exactly what you want and so time is spent going back and forth between client and web developer until you settle on the project specifications.  This will delay your project. Meanwhile, your e-business clock is ticking.

Change the look with ease.
You can simply change the skin (design template) of your ecommerce solution to quickly change the look and feel of your online store.  No waiting around for web designers to come up with a new custom design!  

You don’t know what your final website will look like or how it will work.
When you begin developing an e-commerce website, you are in the dark when it comes to the appearance of the site and its functionality, until the designer and developer come up with the goods.
If you don’t like the look of your site, the designer will take time to come up with a new design.  And time is money. 

Easy to use by store owner and customer.
Zen Cart is a user-friendly ecommerce product built on open source software and developed by a community of shop owners, developers, web designers and programmers with the end users in mind.

If you have basic web site building and computer skills, you can install and set up these solutions.  The open source software can be modified at a later date.

Expanding or upgrading the site costs more money.
Adding more product offerings or payment options, shipping or customer interface options becomes a lengthy and expensive process, when you’re using proprietary software.

Expand your offerings.
For a nominal cost, you can scale up the number of product offerings, categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories, payment options, shipping and customer interface options.

Scalability is expensive.
Developing greater functionality with proprietary software makes scalability an expensive and time-consuming proposition.
Your competition could leave your e-business behind while professional designers and developers work on introducing new features on your site.

Stay flexible and up-to-date.
You can update or modify your ecommerce product which is built on open source code, with freely available codes or components, add-ons or plug-ins.

You lose flexibility and business agility.
Custom solutions are generally built using proprietary software which may get outdated. When you want to upgrade or change your site, you don’t have the flexibility of open source software which can be modified by anyone, anywhere.

“Zen Cart is free.  So what am I paying for?”

Zen Cart is the programming backend for ecommerce, which is built on open source software.  The Zen cart “skin” or template design is the front-end or user interface.  You pay for the professional template design, as you do for any website. 

Your Zen Cart template can be customized to your storefront’s unique requirements.  You can add your logo, your product pictures, product features and details, prices, shipping and payment options etc.  You can even feature newsletters, sales, discounts, bulk discounts, multiple language/currency/payment/shipping options, multiple display/customer modes, and more.

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