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Cool New Features in Adobe Fireworks CS4

There are many cool new features in Adobe Fireworks CS4 which makes it really tempting to upgrade to this new software version from Adobe.
  1. Creating Web Pages - My favorite feature is the ability to add a Master Page and Sub Pages in Fireworks. Before this, we used to create multiple documents for homepage and inner pages, now everything can be done in on document and you can even have a Master page which can be ued for subsequent pages (it kind of acts like the Dreamweaver template). You can learn more here.

  2. Exporting entire site as an Adobe PDF file with pages linked - Another feature I really like and something I know that will be really useful for our clients is the ability to export a website prototype as an Adobe PDF file.This can be password protected if needed and you can also allow them to comment, so it is easy for them to comment right on the layout itself. This is great for changing text, colors etc. This feature will really improve client communication and feedback. You can learn more here.

  3. CSS Export - The third cool feature is the ability top export a layout to css and images right out of FIreworks! Text is editable and Fireworks creates clean css code. You can learn more here.

  4. Smart Guides - Smart Guides have been added to help designers in alignment and positioning. When you move around objects, you will see smart guides that help you to position elements relative to other elements. You can enable this by selecting View/Smart Guides and choosing Show Smart Guides and Snap to Guides.

  5. Sample Text - Previously we needed to add sample/dummy text ourselves. Now we have a handy new feature called Lorem ipsum which adds sample text for you. You can use this new feature by selecting Commands/Text/Lorem ipsum.

  6. Common Library - Fireworks CS4 has a new common library which has great new symbols, icons, animations, buttons, menu bars and more. You can access this in the common library panel.

  7. Create a Slideshow - You can create a slideshow in Fireworks CS4! To do this click on Commands/Create Slideshow. Click here to learn how to create a slidesow in Fireworks CS4.

Click here to Upgrade/Buy to Adobe Fireworks CS4

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