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Cool Photo Frame Effects in Fireworks

Try out these classy edge effects on your photos. It gives a cool look!

This image effect comes under the category Alien Skin>Edges. Choose images which have dark colored edges, so that the edge effects will be crisp. Follow this tutorial to give different edges to your photos. For this you need to have Fireworks MX 2004 installed in your system.

Open a new page of 500x500 canvas size. Paste an image on the canvas. Select the image and click on Filters>Alien Skin Splat LE>Edges The Alien Skin window will be displayed. Select an option from Edge Mode. Play around with the other settings and view the result. If you need a transparent Transparent Fill, which will deselect the color option and the image has a white background. Try out the various settings for different edges.

Rough Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Rough, Edge Width - 38, Margin - 0, Feature size - 5, and Random Seed - 10. Adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size sliders

Dot Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Halftone dots, adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size sliders. The values used here are: Edge Width - 55, Margin - 0, Feature size - 71, Direction - 90 and Random Seed - 20.

Line Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Halftone Lines, Edge Width - 42, Margin - 0, Feature size - 63, Direction - 317. Adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size .

Lumpy Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Lumpy, Edge Width - 29, Margin - 0, Feature size - 13, and Random Seed - 20. Adjust the edge width, margin and feature according to your choice.

Line Edged Frame

Adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size sliders. Edge Width - 33, Margin - 0, Feature size - 40, Direction - 302 and Random Seed - 20.s

Ripped Edge Frame

Edge Mode - Torn Paper, Edge Width - 15, Margin - 3, Feature Size - 8, Random Seed - 2

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