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Fireworks Patterns

Applying a Pattern fill

Draw a vector on the canvas. In the Properties window click on the Fill category and select Pattern, a range of patterns appear. Select one of these and your vector gets filled with this pattern. When you enlarge the vector the pattern gets pixilated, so avoid resizing the vector, instead draw the exact size of the vector and then fill it with the pattern. You can also create custom patterns and add it to the Fireworks pattern list.

You can move, rotate, skew, and change the width of an object's pattern or gradient fill. When you use the Pointer or Gradient tools to select an object with a pattern or gradient fill, a set of handles appear on or near the object (as in the image on the right). You can extend or rotate these handles to adjust the object's fill.

Adding a Custom pattern

Click here to download some of our patterns

You can set a bitmap file as a new pattern fill. You can use files with these formats as patterns: PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PICT (Macintosh only).

Step 1

Create a pattern using the fireworks tools.

Step 2

Slice the pattern and save it as a gif or jpeg.

Step 3

Open a new canvas in fireworks. Draw a rectangle to which you wish to apply the pattern which you created.

Step 4

Go to the Properties at the bottom of the page and click on Fill Category>Pattern>Other... as you see in the image on the right. Select the pattern which you created. The rectangle gets filled with this pattern.

Click here to view some of our patterns

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