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Zoom in Zoom Out Flash Animation with Fading Effect

Flash Zoom In & Zoom Out Animation with Fading Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple zoom in & zoom out animation with fade-in and fade-out effect in Flash. You can use this zooming effect on any image or text.
Please note:
1. You need to have Flash Player 8.0 installed to view the Flash animation.
2. You need Flash to create the animation.


  • Open a new flash file (Ctrl+N). The New Document window will appear. Select General panel and choose Type: Flash Document. Press OK.
  • If your timeline window is not open, press (Ctrl+Alt+T). Now you can see a single Layer called "Layer1" in your timeline Window.
  • Select the first frame. Import a background image onto stage, preferably an image of a street by clicking on File>Import>Import to Stage, or just press (Ctrl+R).
  • Press F8, to convert this image to a symbol. Name this Symbol "background_gr" and choose graphic behavior. Press OK. Name this Layer "bg". On the 35th frame press F6 to insert a new frame
  • Select the second layer. Import an image or create a shape of a car using shape tools from the tool box. Press F8, to convert this image to a symbol. Name this Symbol "car1_m" and choose movie clip (F8). Press OK. Name this Layer "car1".
  • Select the image(car1_m) >right click>edit in place. Now you will come to a new timeline Window called Symbol2
  • On Frame1 of Symbol2 convert the image to a graphic (car1_gr). Go to the Properties Bar>Color>Alpha>0%. In Frame5 insert a new Key frame (Press F6) and change Alpha to 100% and make the image small. Eg : Pic
  • Right click in between Frame1 and Frame5 and press motion tween.
  • Add one more Key Frame in Frame20. In this frame make the Image(car1_gr)bigger and move it out.
  • On Frame25 insert a new key frame and change Alpha to 0% . Insert motion tween in between frame5-20 and Frame20-25. eg:

  • Now press (Ctrl+Enter) to view your motion tween.
  • Continue to do this for your other car images.

Remember to insert only ONE symbol/image in ONE new Layer only.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Zoom In/Zoom Out animation with Fade In and Fade Out effect!

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