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Mobile-Friendly Websites

Popular Web Design Trends 2011 - Part 4

Customers are using the web on-the-go to make quick decisions, whether it’s browsing for information, finding a restaurant, making decisions about travel, buying clothes, planning a new house,  checking out a favorite TV program or keeping in touch on Facebook. That’s why it’s crucial to have a user-friendly version of your website that’s accessible to mobile users.

Here are a few things to keep uppermost in your mind for mobile web design:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Remove clutter – cut content to minimum
  3. Think of what your user is looking for and make it easy to get that information
  4. Design for fingertip navigation
  5. Re-design website navigation for mobile usage\Use icons large and speak with images
  6. Single-column layouts work well
  7. Experiment with horizontal as well as vertical formats
  8. Use rich images and large logos for memorability – games, movies etc can be shown with rich colors, textures and depth
  9. Put networking logos upfront for easy sharing

Visit Savannah



Tyler Michaud


My Team Tweet


Mobile Outfitters

Georgia Aquarium

Utah Blaze


This page is a part of our series on Popular Web Design Trends 2011 which include hand-drawn design, mega design elements, parallax 3-D effects, mobile-friendly websites, use of CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery, social networking integration, minimalism, magazine-style layouts.

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