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Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Behaviors

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Use the Dreamweaver behaviors panel to create jump menus, swap images, pop-up windows, play sound, validate forms and more. Dreamweaver behaviors make it easy to add interactivity to your site. Try out all the cool stuff possible using Dreamweaver behaviors.

What are behaviors?

Behaviors allow visitors to interact with a Web page to change the page in different ways. While using behaviors you need to specify the action and also the event that triggers that action.

Favorite Behaviors

Pop-Up Windows
The 'Open browser Window' behavior can be used for promotional ads, zooming in to pictures etc. It allows you to open a browser window in any size you specify.
Sample: Click here.
Learn how its done

Play Sound
Play sound on rollovers, on page load etc.
Sample: Rollover to play sound
Click here to learn how its done

Jump Menus
If you have a lot of links on a page and don't have enough of space to fit them all a simple way to add the links is to create a jump menu.
Click here to see how its done
Swap images
Use swap images to liven up your site and add a bit of interactivity.
Sample: Rollover the links on the right to view the swaps.
Click here to learn how to create swaps in Fireworks


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