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Fireworks & Dreamweaver Templates

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Template Files

Each Dreamweaver template download includes:

  • The Fireworks source file
  • The Dreamweaver template
  • An external style sheet
  • Fonts used in the layout
  • All template images
  • Help File

About Entheos Fireworks & Dreamweaver Website Templates

Template features and template files

Entheos website templates are designed with Fireworks and Dreamweaver. You need Macromedia Fireworks MX2004 or higher and Macromedia Dreamweaver to use these templates. If you're familiar with Fireworks and Dreamweaver you can get your site up and running within a day. Customizing our templates is just that easy! If you don't use Fireworks or Dreamweaver we can customize the template of your choice with your company name, colors, links and graphics for only $199!

Some features of our templates that make our templates unique are given below:

Templates features :
  • Stretch layout - templates are designed to stretch for all resolutions (600 x 800 and higher)
  • Templates are browser compatible (tested on Netscape Communicator 7.0 and IE 6.0)
  • Use of striking graphics
  • Rollover buttons/links
  • Smart Color Combinations
  • Some templates include drop down menus (very easy to customize)
  • Some templates include swap images

Here's what you get when you buy our templates:

Each web template download includes:
  • The web site design and layout in a Fireworks file (.png file)
  • A Dreamweaver web template (.dwt file)
  • An external style sheet to manage the fonts (.css file)
  • A font folder that includes the fonts used in the layout
  • All graphics seen in the template
  • Help Files

You'll find the best template designs for site right here - at cost-effective prices! Templates can be customized with your company name, colors, links and graphics for only $99.95! Browse through our template gallery now!