Custom brochure design services and print-ready artworks from Entheos

Entheos offers custom brochure design services to set your product, company or service apart from the competition.  Brochures are highly cost-effective marketing tools and can double as direct mailers to achieve results in the marketplace. Click here to view our brochure writing & design portfolio.

We also design flyers and undertake cover designs for books, periodicals, catalogs and annual reports.

Here’s what you get with Entheos brochure design:

  1. Professional brochure design
  2. Photo editing/enhancement
  3. Content writing or editing (if required)
  4. Two layouts
  5. Final ready-to-print artwork in PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PSD format
  6. An easily downloadable PDF version of your brochure which you can email to clients to engage, inform and win new customers.
  • Please note that we offer design services, not printing services. There are a number of online printing services which you will find satisfactory.  We will provide the artwork for you to create your printed brochure.

At Entheos, we follow a streamlined process to design and deliver brochure design with  print-ready artworks to your specific requirements. Check out some of our free brochure designs!

Design process

Step 1.  Send Us Your Requirements

Before we start developing your custom brochure, please send us details which will help us understand your requirements.

Step 2.
We receive an advance of 50%.  At this stage we will require all the other material you need to send us, including:

a.  URLs  (web addresses) of sample brochure designs you like on the internet.
b.  Photographs, logo, other images or illustrations if any.
c.  Text/Content for the brochure.  This includes picture captions and written content,
tables, graphs and so on. 

You may provide your own content, or use our content writing services to develop custom content.  If you’d like us to write content for you, we will find the following useful:
 - Company profile/ details about products/ previous brochures/press write-ups (if any)

Step 3. We design two unique layouts

We will develop two unique layouts in PDF format for you to choose from. 
We will upload the layouts to our secure website.  You may view them online.

Step 4.  You approve one of the layouts
Once you approve one of the layouts, we proceed to the artwork stage.

Step 5.  We deliver ready-to-print artworks

The approved layout will be supplied as a print-ready artwork for 4-color, 2-color or 3-color CMYK printing (depending on your requirement), to achieve print quality of 300 dpi and above. 

File formats

We use Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or Pagemaker to create your brochure design.
We can supply print-ready artworks in PDF format, or .cdr, .ai or .pm format, for print quality of 300 dpi and above.

We can email your artwork to you, or upload it (FTP) through our trusted service provider. 


Bleed has become the standard requirement for most printing jobs.  We will create artworks with 3 mm bleed, (that is, 3 mm longer and wider than the final trimmed size), to provide for edge-to-edge color after trimming.  

Sizes and folding

We design brochures in the popular tri-fold (letterfold), Z-fold or half-fold formats.
The artwork will accurately indicate fold marks.

Brochure sizes


    * 4.25 x 5.5"
    * 5.5 x 8.5"
    * 8.5 x 11"
    * 8.5 x 14"
    * 11 x 25.375"

Fonts, bitmaps and images

As per printer’s requirements, we will supply all fonts used in the design, and provide bitmapped images in TIF format. 

Resolution of scanned images:  line art in 1200 dpi, scanned color or greyscale images in 400 dpi. This will ensure printing quality.

Ready to create an attractive brochure design to win new business? 
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