Website Template Customization Portfolio

We have done a wide variety of template customization projects for photographers, doctors, interior decorators, sportsmen, businesses, churches and more. Take a look at our template customization portfolio and contact us if you would like to our templates customized. Click on the categories to see our portfolio under categories like Flash, JS Animation, HTML, content management systems like Joomla, Drupal & Wordpress and Ecommerce templates. Our starting basic template customization package for customizing the site name, logo, images and content and uploading the site to your server is only $499!


Liam Michael

liam michael

Shoe store developed in Open cart with a customized template.


Agility Junkies

liam michael

Website built by customizing Template #54816.

"The website is getting raves from all who see it. I have been working with Entheos for 10 years, working with patient, knowledgeable people like you is why I keep coming back. Thank you! We are so proud of our new website!"

- Lora, Agility JunkiesĀ® Inc.


New York Woodwork 

Responsive Website Customization and Custom Content Writing

Our client had done a website, brochure, emailer and flyer with Entheos some years ago.  He was happy with our work and came back to us to update his website to a responsive website that would be accessible by all devices.

new york woodwork

Entheos completed the custom website content writing and customization of Template 52423 for our client. This website has a lazy load effect for page optimization, text animation on scroll, a slider, an image-rich homepage with banners that zoom on hover and lead into page content, and a gallery.

  1. We migrated some images, project content and testimonials from our client’s existing  site Wrote fresh content for several pages to describe services, help customers make choices and promote fine custom cabinetry
  2. Edited existing content to make it more user-friendly, giving reasons to choose New York Woodwork, with numbering and buttons to draw the eye 
  3. Added fresh images to the gallery and project pages
  4. Updated testimonial pages with fresh content. Promoted Services and placed industry badges that lend authenticity
  5. Added social media buttons for user engagement
  6. Added new functions - such as clicking on telephone number directly rings on company’s   telephone line.  Made CTA (call to action) prominent on top with telephone number boldly visible. Clicking on the email link on the website directly goes to the company’s contact email account.
  7. Introduced new tagline:  ‘Fine custom cabinetry since 1995’.  This built on the descriptor on some pages in the former website ‘Fine custom woodwork since 1995’ and replaced the former tagline of ‘Kitchen. Bath. Beyond.’