I was interviewed by a very inspiring young entrepreneur who runs a site called retireat21.com.  I say inspiring because he is just 20 and is running a very successful site called retireat21.com – a unique site targeted for young entrepreneurs.  In his about us page he describes himself like this : “Young, Dyslexic, College Drop Out Conquers the Internet” I used to think that I started my own Internet business quite young (at 21) but here he is with a site that’s called Retireat21.  Isn’t that just awesome to know that the Internet has given opportunities to so many – young or old, from anywhere in the world.  It’s inspiring to visit his site and read his interviews with so many young entrepreneurs that are making it big doing different things.  It’s wonderful to see that enthusiasm and zest for doing what you love.

It was a real pleasure being interviewed by such a professional young entrepreneur.  He was so prompt in his email correspondence and published the interview within a few minutes of submitting it.  Also very courteous and friendly so for me the interview was a real joy to do. Since then I have subscribed to his newsletter and really enjoy reading it unlike many other newsletters I subscribe to.


If you are a young entrepreneur, I highly recommend visiting his site atwww.retireat21.com.  My interview with him can be seen athttps://www.retireat21.com/interview/interview-with-rachna-kingston-founder-of-entheos. Be inspired!