Negative space is the space around and between the main objects in a logo design, photograph or work of art.  A designer can use negative space to convey even more meaning to a logo, making a brand memorable and distinctive.  Famous examples of negative space logos are the Fedex logo with its “hidden arrow” and the Formula 1 logo, where the No: 1 emerges between F and speed lines, the NBC logo with the body of a peacock between the colorful feathers.

Here are some clever examples of utilizing negative space effectively in logos.

Snooty Peacock
This a tasteful design of a peacock and the face of a lady. The color is feminine and the use of negative space creates a stunning effect!

Snooty Peacock logo

The Institute of Folk Art
This is the logo for the Institute of Folk Art.  Can you see the hat and imagine the swirling skirts of a folk dance in the image shaped by the hands?

The Institute of Folk Art 

Xavier Fence
This logo for Xavier Fence is brilliant minimalism in figure-and-ground format. The X forms the knot of a chain-link fence.

Xavier fence | entheosweb

The best logos seem so simple and obvious, but not many would think of this one for Bread!

Bread logo | entheosweb

Another fav logo is this hand shadow art performance showing the head of a dog with the moon in the background.

Handydog logo | entheosweb

Black Dog
The text deftly shapes the face of the dog in this logo.

Black dog logo | entheosweb

Falcon Express
A falcon on the wing forms the letter F for a smartly designed Falcon Express logo.

The top of the F makes you think of the bird alighting on the gloved hand of a falconer!

Falcon Express Logo Falcon Bird Falcon Bird

Techie Talk
Quotation marks encircling a nerdy face speak of communication between techies.

Techie Talk Logo

Yoga Australia
This logo gracefully shows the expert making the shape of the Australia map with a typical yoga pose.

Yoga Australia Logo

Guild of Food Writers
The Guild of Food Writers logo says it all so tastefully!

Guild of food writers logo | entheosweb

Hartford Whalers Club
You can imagine the members having a whale of a time, in this logo for the Hartford Whalers Club.

Hartford whalers club logo | entheoswebHartford whalers club logo | entheosweb

New Bedford Whaling Museum
This logo for the New Bedford Whaling Museum celebrates man’s fascination for the deep, with sailing ships and whales.

New Bedford Whaling Museum LogoNew Bedford Whaling Museum Logo

The trunk of the elephant is artfully woven into the “e” in this logo.

This logo deserves a big hand!  Highly creative use of negative space for a unique look.

MyFonts Logo

Siah Photography
This logo tells you that you’re hiring a really “hands-on” photographer!

Siah Photography Logo

The Martin Newcombe logo is perfect for a handy, responsive home repair service.

Martin newcombe logo | entheosweb

Washington State University
Washington State University’s logo forms the sleek head and shoulders of a snarling mountain cougar and provides a powerful symbol for a flag or T-shirt at the same time.

Washington state university logo | entheosweb

Wiesinger Music
Designing letters out of piano keys.

We love looking at inspirational logos and sharing them with you. We hope you enjoyed this collection of negative space logo designs.

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