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You have invested so much time, effort, resources, and creativity into your business that you want to make sure every single detail turns out just as you have envisioned it. And part of this overall plan is to have the perfect logo that reflects who you are and portrays your brand in the most favorable way. So, when the time comes to design the perfect logo, you find yourself at a crossroads. You don’t know if it would be better for you to have a graphic design professional designing your logo or using a logo generator. So, let’s find out which one would be your best option.

Working with a Logo Generator


Logo generators are usually easy to use and very intuitive to understand. You just answer some basic questions related to your particular business and the colors you would like and get it going. A generator will show you plenty of ideas with different combinations, and you are allowed to tweak them as many times as you want. Even if you have never done anything similar to designing a logo, a logo generator like gives you a chance to feel like a true professional by trying out options and seeing the results for yourself.


If you go with a free logo generator, you may discover that the result may lack a professional finish and may not reflect your brand precisely in the way you wanted. You may also feel that the ideas it gives you are not very original or unique. Also, there is no guarantee that someone else will tweak the generator in the same way and come up with a very similar logo. Finally, you never have someone live at the other end to listen to your concerns.

Working with a Professional Designer


Working with a live person means you can share with them exactly what you want, what your business is all about, and what you like and don’t like. You can rest assured that they will give you ideas that will not be the ones they give to anyone else. They will also use some elements of design that would not be available in a logo generator.


Hiring a designer will certainly be expensive, which is understandable since they are true specialists. Even if you find one who will charge less, always check their portfolio to see what they have designed in the past.

Finding the right design professional can be tricky and time-consuming. And once you finally find one, you may have a tough time communicating exactly what you want, or you may lose patience if you find that they are taking too long because they have too many projects going at once. Something else you need to keep in mind is that, should your business grow and change in the future, any tweaking to the design will require you to reach out to the designer again and pay for their services once again.

Ultimately, both options have interesting pros and cons, and it will be up to you to decide which one makes you feel more comfortable. Your goal should always be to get the best logo for your business.


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