3 different ways to create images for your website and pros cons of each | entheosweb

On your website, you will need to have images. These will break up walls of text, keep your audience interested, and will ensure that you have a bit of color on your website. While the exact number and placement of the images that you will have can be different depending on your website and niche, you will need images to work with. 

But where do you get them? There are almost as many ways to get images as there are images, period, but you can’t just grab images from the first source you see and call it a day. Instead, you need to ensure that you are getting the correct images from your website and are ensuring that you use them correctly for maximum impact on your website.

Here are some of the best ways to create images for your website, as well as some positives and negatives about each one!

1. Using an AI Image Generator

Of course, who hasn’t heard about the various AI powered image generators coming out of the woodwork these days? Using machine learning, it’s pretty interesting to just type in what you want and then an AI spits out an assortment of pictures that match that description, and it can be very cool to see just what the AI can come up with.

Obviously, the pros of using AI include how interesting the AI is when it comes to the description that you are entering in. You might put in a small line of text and get some very interesting results afterward. Additionally, AI is very easy to use, and you can get a lot of different results very quickly. It can be pretty fun to go through all of the results and just do some browsing.

The cons of AI include the fact that AI art can be a bit of an uncanny valley, and the different changes that the AI can make based on your prompting can often lead to results that are good, but not perfect. It can be the small things that you start nitpicking on whenever you learn to create AI images.

2. Make Your Own

This might seem like the easiest option if you are talented with painting or drawing, or might seem like the only option if you plan to showcase your own art on your website or want to photograph all the products you will be selling. If you want to make your own images then you should feel free to, but keep in mind there are going to be some pros and cons.

For the pros, the images are going to be unique and authentic, and specific for your website. Especially if you draw and paint them yourself, and it can be a good marketing tool to show the process of creating one of your images or even post ‘in progress’ shots on your social media pages.

Even if you choose to photograph your images, the photos can still be very beautiful and unique, and they also show off what you are doing and the products you are selling. 

The biggest drawback of creating and photographing your own images is that you need to actually create and photograph the images, which can take some serious time. Especially if you are drawing or painting each image. Even if you are talented and have the aid of computerized tools, you still need to take all that time, which can slow down your content creation if you need the images and photos to be done before you post.

3. Look Online For Free Images

There are dozens of free photo libraries that are filled with thousands of royalty free photos you can look up. By using a few simple keywords you can search various online photo databases and find plenty of different photos that are free to use for your website. The pros of this include that you find a lot of professionally taken images and plenty of different types of images, while the cons include the fact that it can take a while to look and find the correct image.

You can find a lot of free images online, as long as you know where to look! If you want to find the best images for your website, you just need to look around and see what you can dig up and create yourself. 

Now You Should Use Your Images Correctly!

Your website will be filled with the best images, whether they are created by you, created by AI, or created by someone else online, and then you can get started with image marketing and using your images to bring traffic to your website. The better the images are, the better that you will find your website will be!