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An infographic (information+graphic) seeks to present complex information simplyclearly, in a visually appealing and engaging way.  It presents a meaningful, coherent and relevant story with accurate facts, graphics, pictures and content to support it. It engages the reader and urges action.

The popular infographic makers below enable the creation of infographics with ease for your business, marketing and presentation needs. Use them on posters, brochures, presentations and share them on social media too!

    1. Pictochart
    2. Infogram
    3. Visme
    4. Canva
    5. Venngage
    6. Snappa
    7. DocHipo

Pictochart – Free Infographic Maker

Pictochart free infographic maker | entheosweb

Create an infographic in under 30 minutes with Piktochart’s professionally designed templates.  Use the search bar on the top of the infographic maker to find the template you’re looking for –  a  process chart, data visualization for a presentation, a timeline, or even telling a story through Types oinfographics, Piktochart  has the templates to get you started.

Use Piktochart’s library of creative assets: free images, illustrations, icons, graphics, design components, charts, maps, graphs and more – to customize your chosen infographic template, and add text.

Create presentations, posters, social media graphics, flyers, reports too,  with tools from Piktochart using your custom-created infographic.

Piktochart has Free, Pro and Enterprise pricing plans.
Education: Discounted plans for students, teachers and education staff.
Non-profits:Regd. non-profits pay less.


Infogram | entheosweb

Create engaging infographics and on-brand charts and reports in minutes!

Infogram saves you time with its collections of ready-made infographics that wow your audience.  Use Infograms’s asset library  of templates to create infographics, interactive charts and reports, slides, dashboards, social media visuals, and maps.  Object animations flip and bounce, flip and fade effortlessly into your work and amaze your viewers.   Collaborate in real time with Infogram and manage privacy settings and version history too. Track your links so you can measure which ones worked best, with powerful analytics tools on Infogram. Infographics content is responsive, optimized for the web and mobile, so you can easily share on social media or your blog.

Infogram has Free, Pro, Business, Team and Enterprise pricing plans.

Visme Free Infographic Maker

Visme free infographic maker | entheosweb

Create a powerful infographic with Visme without any design background.

Put your business content into visually appealing form with Usage Facts, Data Visualization, creating Flow Charts and more. Simply choose one of Visme’s templates and mix and match infographic blocks from Visme’s well-stocked asset library – 1.5+ million high res stock photos and thousands of icons, 125 fonts, 50+ charts and graphs, interactive maps, and media features with privacy and collaboration tools. Edit and customize everything.  Input your content. Create designs consistent with your brand identity – colors, fonts, logo.    Generate a public shareable link and post online on social media.  You can make your infographic private, password protected and not indexable by Google. Download your infographic as PDF, high resolution PNG or JPEG, or as HTML5 with full interactivity.

Visme infographic creator comes with a FREE plan and a Premium plan

Visme also helps you make presentations, printables like brochures, flyers, business cards, schedulers, menus, book covers, documents, mockups, social media graphics, with easy to use templates.

Visme has a Basic Free Plan, and Personal, Business and Enterprise pricing plans.
Affordable plans for teachers and students.
Non-profits:Discounted rates for regd non-profits.

Canva Free Online Infographic Maker

Canva free online infographic maker | entheosweb

Whether you need infographics for a presentation, marketing materials, or a school assignment, Canva makes helps you make data beautiful and easy to digest.

Canva offers free infographic templates and a large library of design assets with which to customize your infographic design easily – 2 million photos, icons and illustrations, with thousands of free images and  premium images at an affordable $1.   Customize your infographic with your content and Canva’s  easy drag-and-drop tools  and outstanding design assets. Download and save your infographic in PNG, JPG or GIF file.   Print it for reference, share it on social media or embed it in your website.

In case you’d like more design ideas, Canva allows you to collaborate with a team of your choice, like your friends, family members or classmates, on  its own platform with the Canva Editor.  Simply add the emails of your chosen team to share, communicate and implement design ideas in realtime, online.

Canva offers Free, Canva Pro  and Canva Teams plans

  • Canva Free for people and teams wanting to design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents, prints and more. Tons of free templates, photos and fonts to bring your vision to life.
  • Canva Pro for individuals, solopreneurs and freelancers , to help them create premium content and achieve their goals. Canva Pro has premium features like Brand Kit, Background Remover, premium templates and more
  • Canva for Teams is for small, medium and large teams to create and collaborate to achieve their business goals together and get work done faster and more efficiently. Starting with teams of just two+ people! Design and communicate in realtime on one platform with security and workflows built-in.  Create impactful visual content — from board reports to strategy presentations, onboarding videos, customer-facing content and lots more.
  • Canva for Education is a powerful tool Free for Schools, Teachers, Students and Districts.
  • Canva Pro is Free for Regd. Non Profits.

Venngage Free Infographic Maker

Venngage free infographic maker | entheosweb

Make Better Infographics

Make beautiful infographics in minutes, with Venngage’s library of 7,500+ designed templates to choose from.

From mind maps to charts on project management, vision and strategy, processes and operations, reports and guides, team alignment – Venngage has infographic templates designed to help you save time while they look stunning.

Venngage has an intuitive, user-friendly drag-and drop editor.  Users can start for free and edit the free templates without any prior design experience.  Upgrade to access more features like changing template colors to the colors of your brand, realtime team collaboration, multi-format exports and more.

Venngage has Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise plans.


| entheosweb

Create online graphics in a snap.

Create graphics on Snappa in a jiffy—even if you’re not a graphic designer.  Start with professionally designed templates. The perfect sized image is just a click away. Image dimensions are available as clickable presets for social media, ads, blogs, and more on Snappa.

Get started free

Customise with Snappa’s asset library

Customize your chosen template with access to Snappa’s 5,000,000+ free, high-resolution stock photos. Add text, graphics, and effects in seconds. Choose from a library of 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors and shapes. All photos and graphics are free and 100% royalty free too.  Play with photo effects for a contemporary look. Create whatever you’ve imagined in seconds. Remove image backgrounds with just one click.

You can save and share your created graphic to social media or post as an ad in the sizes required, in just a click in Snappa.

Snappa has Starter, Pro and Team pricing plans.

The Starter Plan for individuals is Free for four months.

DocHipo Infographic Maker

Dochipo infographic maker | entheosweb

Design an eye-catching infographic FREE with DocHipo’s easy-to-use Infographic Maker. Choose the right template, customize and change content using DocHipo’s drag-and-drop editor, publish online or download. You can share it on social media or print it for reference offline. DocHipo provides a Background Remover and a Photo Editor. Add and edit photos, text, shapes, backgrounds, frames or icons from the online gallery of Design Widgets, and create a great infographic.

Doc Hipo has Free and Pro plans. Create and download up to 5 documents under the Free plan.
Pro plans entitle you to use DocHipo’s Premium templates and design assets, beautiful illustrations and animations. You can add multiple users too. Download as PDF, MP4, GIF, PNG and JPG formats.

Easel Ly | entheosweb

Visually convey your idea, business and data using Easelly.

Easelly is the “world’s simplest online design tool” that enables and inspires anyone to represent an idea in a visual way.  Create stunning infographics and graphics, make presentations, capture the attention of your audience, teach your students and make a boring subject come alive, make posters, charts and visualize data to make it easy to understand.  Easelly has thousands of templates to choose from.  Create infographic resumes, education infographics, business infographics, finance infographics, health infographics, an information designer tool that helps you create clutter-free infographics – for process, science, technology, social media, environment, and lots more.

Easelly has Flexible Pricing Plans for everyone – Students, Individuals, Businesses.

Or get an infographic custom-designed for you within 24-48 hours (during working days) by one of Easelly’s pro Graphic Designers.

Easelly also offers Unlimited Graphic Design Service for your specific needs with professional Graphic Designers at your service at a pay-per-month rate.

Save time and create infographics that work with these powerful infographic tools!

Click here for ready-made Infographic Elements like the one below

Infographic Bundle | 900+ Vector Elements

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