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Background remover tools take photo editing a step above and make life simpler for creative people, but require images with a clear foreground in order to be used effectively.

Below are background remover tools with free and paid options offered by graphic design services.

Background remover tools remove bg | entheosweb

Remove the background from an image automatically and free in just 5 seconds! is an AI powered tool that slashes your editing time so you can actually have fun doing your work! Upload your photo in PNG or drop a file in Make the background transparent, or add a white background to a photo, add a shadow behind the image, or replace the background with an image background of your choice. You can upload up to 1000 files in a single click. Remove,bg integrates into your current workflow with API, tools and plugins. This tool is used by individuals, car dealerships, photographers, and developers so they can be more creative and efficient. Use it to full effect in media, marketing, enterprise and ecommerce to get the results you want. has a Free Account, a Subscription Plan and a Pay-as-you-go Plan.

Wepik Background Remover

Wepik | entheosweb

Wepik is an online platform that provides users with a wide range of tools to create and edit images. One of its most popular features is the background remover, which allows users to quickly and easily remove any backgrounds from their images. With Wepik’s intuitive editing tool, users can design like a pro and find inspiration every day with thousands of creative ready-made templates.

Wepik is 100% free of charge.

Background remover tools removal Ai | entheosweb

Erase the background from an image, automatically and free with is a free software using artificial intelligence to remove the background from an image, turn it transparent or customize it, add text or texture to the background. You won’t have to make any effort or download any app. Create beautiful presentations, works of art, customized photos, banners, and more. can process over 1,000 images in a single upload, it can handle background removal from hair or fur. has Free, Monthly and Lifetime Pricing subscriptions.


Background remover tools photo scissors | entheosweb

Remove background from an image or turn it transparent, automatically and free.

Photoscissors is a background remover with AI power. It removes backgrounds from complex semi-transparent objects like hair, or transparent objects like a glass bowl too! You can swap out images or backgrounds in a click, prepare pictures for online shops or portfolios, create collages, upload to eBay or Amazon, save images in JPG and PNG formats to share.

Photoscissors offers Free and Pay-as-you-go pricing plans.


Background remover tools bgremover | entheosweb

bgRemover uses artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds very quickly. You can remove the backgrounds from 3 PNG or JPG images for free. Simply sign up for an account and you can continue processing. With access to the API you can use sharpening, noise reduction and upscaling features through the fully automated process.

Canva Pro Background Remover

Background Remover Tools - Canva

Canva Pro is a premium, user-friendly design service to create beautiful visuals in minutes. It comes equipped with a one-click Background Remover that lets you create transparent background images automatically, as well as replace backgrounds for a new, unique design. It has all the features you expect from a premium background remover.

Canva Pro is a paid subscription service, but you can try it out for free for a month and a half with the extended Canva Pro Free Trial, right now!

Canva has Free, Pro and Team pricing plans
Canva for Education – powerful free tool for classrooms, districts and students
Canva Pro is free for regd. Non-profits

Background remover tools autoclipping | entheosweb

Autoclipping offers a background remover tool quickly removes backgrounds from photos or turns them transparent. For Commerce and Business: Quickly create product photos with white backgrounds for market use, make business presentations, booklets and flyers after perfecting your photos, and changing their backgrounds. For Graphic Design: You don’t need to invest in expensive software to remove and replace backgrounds in images. Autoclipping saves you time and expense.

Free (for non-commercial use), Pay-as-you-go and Monthly pricing plans.

Background remover tools clipping magic | entheosweb

Magically remove image backgrounds – then go far beyond the AI

Clipping Magic Auto Clip AI Background Remover has been trained on millions of real-world images, not artificial lab data. As the Auto Clip Background Editor is exposed to even more photos, it gets better and better at handling yours.

Clipping Magic is the only background remover that combines fully automatic AI with a Smart Editor to give you complete creative control. With the Smart Editor you have Keep, Remove, Hair tools, and a Scalpel for precision cutouts. The result is images with exceptional quality and consistency. Bulk remove backgrounds from product images. Effortless color correction and consistent cropping make your life so much simpler. Hair can be separated provided the image background is clear and distinct. Clipping Magic is an awesome tool for ecommerce, business and graphic design and much more. The tutorials on the site make it easy for you to create your own images using Clipping Magic.

Clipping Magic offers Light, Standard and Pro subscription plans.

Inpixio Remove Background

inPixio introduces the world's first one-click photo editor for quick and easy edits background remover

Remove backgrounds from photos automatically in seconds with Inpixio Remove Background with AI. It helps to select images with a distinct foreground. Inpixio also gives you lets you make your own adjustments, giving you full control over the result.

Increase conversions on digital marketplaces by creating clear and consistent product images with white backgrounds. Make a logo background transparent so that you can use it on different media flexibly. If you are promoting a vacation spot like a beach or holiday resort, remove any distracting images from the photo to give it more focus, like a palm tree by the beach, sun shining on the waves – simply remove that distracting lamp-post! Create a photomontage by removing the background from multiple images. Then paste the transparent photos on to a new background that catches your fancy. You can even add text and clip art to make a social or business post!

Inpixio has Photo Studio, Photo Studio Pro and Photo Studio Ultimate pricing plans.


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