Navigation is more than drop-down menus.  It’s compact menus, hideaway/slideout menus,  mega-menus, on-page links leading to other pages with related content, footer menus, sidebar menus, categories menus and products sub-menus, and most of all, links leading to sales funnels and calls to action through contact forms, telephone calls, online chat and email.

Navigation for Template 53540 – Bbq Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Nav for template 53540 bbq restaurant responsive website template | entheosweb

This Bbq Restaurant Responsive Website Template has a centralized menu with sub-menu drop-downs in a big bold font font that  stands out on the appetizing image of a steak.

Navigation for Template 53453 – Babies and Kids Wear Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Nav for template 53453 babies and kids wear responsive prestashop theme | entheosweb

The 3-bar Categories navicon on the left located next to the Search bar in this Babies and Kids Wear Responsive PrestaShop Theme, opens up to reveal a list of product categories on the left. Colorful icons call attention to search, login, account and shopping cart buttons among other user-friendly helpful functions on the site.

Navigation for Template 53326 – Helicopter Flight School Responsive Website template

Navigation fortemplate 53326 helicopter flight school responsive website template | entheosweb

A logo that depicts the feeling of flying, with fonts disappearing from the red viewport, combined with a simple drop-down menu and contacts given upfront with a bold red telephone icon invites the user to take action and contact the flight school and sign up for classes or ask for further information.  Colors are used in the slider and the site simply invites the user to scroll for information and feel the freedom of flying.

Navigation for Template 53263 – Fashion Agency Responsive WordPress Theme
This  Fashion Agency Responsive WordPress Theme has a  fixed black and white menu with yellow drop-down sub-menu. In this section, halfway through the homepage, you can browse through the Models portfolio section with a slider and circular  closeups of models, leading into blog pages with details about the models where you can see more categories and recent blog posts in the sidebar menu. Note that you still have access to the fixed header menu on top.

Nav for template 53263 fashion agency responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Nav for Template 53692 – Field Hockey Responsive Website Template

Nav for template 53692 field hockey responsive website template | entheosweb

White text on a black ribbon for the logo on a green shield, and black text stand out on white for the menu with green rollovers and a green drop-down sub-menu in this Field Hockey Responsive Website Template. The site visitor is invited to become a member through a button on the top right that leads to more information on membership.

Nav for Template 52913 – Painting Palette Responsive Joomla Template 

Nav for template 52913 painting palette joomla template | entheosweb

Navigation in this Painting Palette Responsive Joomla Template  is through the  main drop-down menu as well as the graphic menu, with painting-related icons leading into specific pages of the site.

Footer nav for template 51385 jump responsive sporting bootstrap one page website template with slider and gallery | entheosweb

Footer for Template 51385 – Jump Responsive Sporting Bootstrap One Page Website Template with Slider and Gallery

Navigation can be through the footer too! The fixed three bar menu scrolls down on left of frame in this site (visible on live site) and guides the user to all sections of the site. The footer above  gives the user an exciting glimpse of the daring lifestyle of the jumpers against the city skyline, leading into the photo gallery.

Get creative about website navigation!  Start now.