Full-screen video backgrounds have gained momentum as a trend in website design, as a natural result of the trend to full-screen background images.  Previously, the limitations of older browsers and the slow loading times of Flash videos prevented the smooth implementation of video within a site. Today, new browsers can seamlessly play video that can enhance a site’s design.  What’s more, new technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3 and different JavaScript techniques make videos and animations smoother and easier to load.

Video backgrounds arrest attention and can keep your site visitor interested longer in your site as video is a dynamic medium. It can invite deeper exploration of the website by creating immersive and interactive experiences. Video is especially useful to provide a unique twist to a product or company message and create a distinctive brand identity.

Video backgrounds are not meant to be the main focus of a website – they support the site design and content and add realism to the presentation.

Here are some of the ways full-screen video backgrounds are used in a website:
Video tour of an office space, college campus, city or country
-Video for product launches and promotions, video game and movie launches
-Video for product demonstrations and feature tours – showing a product in the making,  or a product in use
Inside view of a company: meet our people, how we work, our capabilities.
This lends a more personal feel to a corporate website and shows people working in real  lifeas well as the workflow process they follow.
-Personal and professional websites with portfolios. Video can promote creative  professions and professionals effectively.

Below are some inspiring examples of full-screen video backgrounds used in website design.  Enjoy!


Futuretainment | entheosweb


Uniqlock fullscreen videobg | entheosweb

Life of Pi

Life of pi movie | entheosweb
Dadaab Stories

Dadaab stories | entheosweb

When Was The Last Time You Did Something for The First Time

When was the last time you did something at the first time | entheosweb


Monsorro video bg | entheosweb

Use video backgrounds judiciously in web design, keeping the following factors in mind:

1. Relevance– As in all the elements of web design, the key question the web designer should ask himself before using video in site design is: How relevant is the video in relation to the message the site has to convey? Video adds value for product demos and promotions by presenting a realistic experience of the product in use. A video product feature tour enhances the product message. An imaginative video adds excitement to the launch of a new product. Video workflow tours help a client see how a creative agency works, and helps the agency demonstrate and sell their strengths. City demo tours provide an interactive and immersive experience for future visitors.

2. Loading time – Videos take longer to load than images. Slow loading videos may turn away your site visitor before s/he has even had a chance to glance at your main content.

3. Quality –  High quality video creates a high-end brand image for your product and brand, whereas low-quality video lowers the brand image of your product and turn off and may turn off your site visitor.

4. Is it distracting? – Video could be a distraction from the main content of the site. Ensure that the video is relevant to your site message and purpose. In keeping with the website trends of minimalism and clean, uncluttered websites, keep your video simple, short and effective. Don’t let it overpower the other elements of your site.

Of course, if the aim of your website is to promote a movie, you can use video to the hilt to bring viewers flocking to theaters to view your movie, or entice them to buy it online
or in stores.

Story and Heart

Story and heart background video | entheosweb


August creatives artists video bg | entheosweb

 Risk Everything

Risk everything background video design | entheosweb

This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with  Audio

Thisway wp full video background | entheosweb

Casablanca WooCommerce 2.1 With Background Video

Casablanca woocommerce video background | entheosweb

 King Size – Full-screen Background Template

King size fullscreen background video | entheosweb

Flatr – Metro Parallax Multipurpose Coming Soon

Flatr metro parallax video background | entheosweb

Fenix – Fullscreen Video & Image Background
  Fenix fullscreen videoimage background | entheosweb

Apolo – Fullscreen Video & Image Background +Audio

Apolo fullscreen videoimage background | entheosweb

Banda – WordPress Music Magazine

Banda wordpress music magazine | entheosweb
 Glacial – Responsive Under Construction Template

Glacial responsive video background template | entheosweb

Zeus – Fullscreen Video & Image Background

Zeus fullscreen videoimage background | entheosweb

Cashemir – Responsive One Page Template

Cashemir responsive video background | entheosweb
Super5 — Multi-Purpose Video Responsive Theme

Super5 multi purpose video responsive theme | entheosweb

Rag3een – Responsive Coming Soon Template

Rag3een responsive video bg template | entheosweb

Minute – Responsive Coming Soon Theme

Minute responsive coming soon theme | entheosweb

FIAT LUX – Fullscreen Image & Video Background WP

Flat lux fullscreen imagevideo bg | entheosweb

Town – Responsive Multi-Purpose One Page Theme

Town responsive videobg | entheosweb

CityLife – Responsive Under Construction Template

City life responsive video bg | entheosweb

Scent – Model Agency Site Theme

Scent model agency video bg theme | entheosweb

Gedebvge – Responsive One Page Portfolio Template

Gedebvge portfolio videobg | entheosweb

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