Invisible section bookmarks within a page are called named anchors. You can use the Property inspector to link to a particular section of a document by first creating named anchors . Named anchors let you set markers in a document, which are often placed at a specific topic or at the top of a document. You can then create links to these named anchors , which will quickly take your visitor to the specified position in the document. The URL (web address) to an anchor looks like this, eg. links.html#para8 (links.html is the file which has an anchor named ‘para8’ ).

Creating anchors and linking to them

Step 1 : Place the cursor in the section of the page you want to link to.

Step 2 : Select Insert>Named Anchor and type a short descriptive name for that section and click on OK. A yellow anchor icon will appear. If you want to edit it double click on this icon.

Step 3 : At the top of the same page type a link which is going to link to this anchor. With this link selected go to the link box of the property inspector type a # sign followed by the anchor name. If the link is given from another page then the file name has to be given before the anchor name, eg. book.html#para8

Email Links/Mailto

An e-mail link opens a new blank message window (using the mail program associated with the user’s browser) when clicked. In the e-mail message window, the To text box is automatically updated with the address specified in the e-mail link.

A mailto link will only work if the browser supports e-mail and is setup to work with a local e-mail system.

Step 1 : In the document window position the insertion point where you want the email link to appear, choose Insert>Email Link, the Email link window opens.

Step 2 : In the first input box enter the text you want to appear in the document as an email link and in the next box type in the email address. Next click on OK.

Step 3 : Now you’ll see the text as an email link in your document. In the property inspector the Link input box will contain the text ‘’

To create an e-mail link using the Property inspector:

Step 1 : Select the text or an image in the Document window’s Design view.

Step 2 : In the Link text box of the Property inspector, type mailto: followed by an e-mail address. (Do not type any spaces between the colon and the e-mail address) eg.

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