Trace and Draw an Image in Fireworks

In this tutorial we are going to learn how trace and draw an image using Fireworks. You will learn how to draw a Panda in Fireworks by tracing an image. The source .png file can be downloaded at the end of the tutorial.

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0utstanding Logo Design Tutorials

Logo is the most important identity of any personal brand. A good logo says it all about you and your business. Logo needs be appealing to the people and in the meantime, suitable enough to represent the company’s credibility. So, you should be very careful while selecting one for your own business. We are showcasing today a list of outstanding logo design tutorials for you guys. We hope it would give you an edge at the time you think of creating an attractive logo for your own business.

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Creating awesome 2d colorful Buttons in Adobe Fireworks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a neat button with 2D effect in Adobe Fireworks. You will also learn how to create a rollover effect for the button.

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