This tutorial demonstrates how to make use of the Command option to fade images in different ways, selecting different options. You can fade images vertically, horizontally, diagonally, radially, elliptically etc. You can also group vector objects and fade them out and blend them into the background of a page using the Fade Image command. You need to have Fireworks MX 2004 or higher installed in your machine.

Step 1

Paste a clipped image on your canvas. Let the canvas color remain white.

Step 2

With the image selected click on Commands>Creative>Fade Image. The Fade Image window will be displayed.

Step 3

You can select any of the fading options from here and click OK. Now you’ll notice the image has a faded look and there appears a black line with two points on either ends. Drag on these points to increase or decrease the fade effect. I’ve selected the last option and here is my result.

To remove the fade effect later, you can just ungroup the object and remove the gradient object to remove the frade effect.

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