Learn how to create simple borders & frames for pages or images in Fireworks MX 2004.

Fireworks MX has a range of stroke categories. You can change the stroke attributes of the Pen, Pencil, and Brush tools so that when you draw a vector object it takes up the new stroke attributes. I have used some of these stroke categories to create colorful borders/frames and saved them as styles. You can apply these styles only to vectors. You can also paste an image on the vector style as a frame for an image like the one on the right.

How to create borders and save them as styles?

Follow these steps to create your own borders and learn how to save them as styles. You will also learn how to export and import these styles.

Step 1

With the brush tool selected click on the rectangle shape. Goto the properties and select the stroke category and check out the various other attributes such as fill category, texture, size of brush, etc. As I am creating borders I have given the fill color as white.

Step 2

Draw a rectangle on the canvas. The properties for the vector will also be displayed. Now you can give some effects such as drop-shadow, glow, etc. to the rectangle.

Step 3

Now to save it as a style, scale the vector shape to 100 px 100 px. (with the vector selected) Goto the Styles Panel, if the Styles Panel is not visible, click on Window>Styles. Click on the styles drop-down menu and select New Style. Enter a name for the style and check the attributes which you like to save.

Step 4

You can also export the style and save it on your machine as a .stl file. To do this, select the style you created (Shift-click to select multiple styles) and click on Export Styles, enter a name and location. Click Save.

Step 5

To import styles into the styles panel choose Import Styles select a style or a styles document to import.

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