Give your photos a torn paper effect around the edges

Fireworks effects are live, which means that when you edit an object the effects are re-applied so you can see the results right away. It has a few Edge Options such as dotslineslumpypixelsrough and torn paper. Choose images which have dark colored edges, so that the edge effects will have a crisp look. This image effect is very easy, and experimenting with it you can get a classy look. Go through this tutorial to apply a ripped edge or torn paper effect to an image just like the above one. You need to have Fireworks MX 2004 installed in your system.

Step 1
Start off by pasting an image on the canvas.

Step 2
Select the image (a blue line borders the image) and click on Filters>Alien Skin Splat LE>Edges as you see in the image below.

Step 3
The Alien Skin window below will be displayed. Select Torn Paper option from Edge Mode. Select color as per your choice.

Step 4
Adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size sliders. The above values are used in this tutorial. If you need a transparent fill for the image then you can check the option Transparent Fill, which will deselect the color option and the image has a different look.

The Random Seed value can also be adjusted. You can view the changes in the image simultaneously in the right side Preview.

Step 5
The result is the picture with a ripped edge frame!

When the Transparent Fill is checked, the color option is de-selected resulting in the effect below.

Isn’t that cool!

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