Create a frame for your photos with a pixelated effect in FW

This image effect comes under the category Alien Skin> Edges. It has a few edge options such as dotslineslumpy, pixels, rough and torn paper. Choose images which have dark colored edges, so that the edge effects will be clear to visualize. This tutorial will teach you how to give a pixelated edge look to an image. To do this you need to have Fireworks MX 2004 installed in your system.

Step 1
Open a new page of 500×500 canvas size. Paste an image on the canvas.

Step 2
Select the image and click on Filters>Alien Skin Splat LE>Edges as you see in the image below.

Step 3
The Alien Skin window below will be displayed. Select Pixels option from Edge Mode.

Step 4
Adjust the Edge Width, Margin and Feature Size sliders. I’ve given the values : Edge Width – 33, Margin – 0, Feature size – 40, Direction – 302 and Random Seed – 20. If you need a transparent fill for the image, you can check the option Transparent Fill, which will deselect the color option and the image has a white background. You can view the changes in the image simultaneously on the right side preview area.

Step 5
Below is the picture in a pixel edged frame with a transparent fill.

When the Transparent Fill option is not checked, the color option is made active so that you can select a color. I’ve selected a lighter shade of brown, and here is the image!

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