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When a customer browses through the website to get the products or services they need, they want a website that is easy to navigate and provide them with all the details required. WordPress is a good platform to design a website that fulfils the visitor’s wishes. It is used in almost all the WordPress websites that are developed nowadays. Having a good SEO strategy is very important to have a successful website. A WordPress SEO plugin is very helpful to have a good search engine ranking. Based on what kind of plugin is being used, it offers several features and services that are very useful for the developers.

Today, there are many WordPress SEO plugins that have multiple advantages and provide different types of facilities to enhance the speed of the site. Site optimization is a constant process and whenever the site is updated, the components changed should be optimized as well. WordPress SEO plugins help in the following ways to rank higher in the search results:

  •  They suggest the required keywords that can be used thoroughly in the website so as to let the search engine crawlers know what the site is mainly built and referred for.
  • They have multiple lightweight themes that can be used by developers without increasing the overall size of the website.
  • Image and video optimization can be done using WordPress SEO plugins that can increase the page load speed to great extent. This is very useful in cases where the visitor is from a region of low network and can browse the site easily.
  • Some of the plugins search for broken links or unlinked pages present in the site and suggest the developer make the necessary changes for them. This results in no 404 error for the website and doesn’t let the rank of your site fall.
  • They also provide necessary action to add categories and tags for the pages of the site. This way, the site looks more organised and easy to access.
  • Page title and descriptions are suggested by the plugins so that the content is in sync with the keyword that is most used in the site.

Rank Math SEO is considered as the best WordPress SEO plugin that is currently available in the market. Setting up Rank Math is very easy as it configures automatically for WordPress. One of the best features is that it allows having multiple focus keywords in the website. By this, the site can be optimized for multiple keywords and help us rank higher for these entire keyword searches. By default, 5 keywords can be focused, and they can be prioritized by the filter applied during website creation. Some of the best features that makes Rank Math stand out in the crowd are as follows:

  1. 404 Monitor: The search engine crawlers look up the entire website for the keyword searched in the search engine. If any links are broken in the site, they spontaneously reduce the rank of the page in the search result for the keyword. This is very costly for the business. To avoid this fall, Rank Math very efficiently monitors the links present in the website. It also suggests the pages that can be added to broken links or warns the user to either create a page for the link or remove them completely. This is very helpful to avoid 404 errors post site is live.
  2. Image SEO:Rank Math provides perfect suggestions to add alt text for the images based on the keywords added. Image alt text is very useful to identify the images when they are not loaded properly. Also, when alt text is added for the images, it adds a good optimized content on the site. Apart from this, Rank Math optimizes all the images, i.e. reduces the size of heavy images without losing the quality of the image. This presents a good image on the site which doesn’t take much time to load.
  3. WooCommerce SEO: When developing a WooCommerce website, many things have to be taken into consideration while creating it. Firstly, the site has to be well optimized.  This is required as the site will have multiple products, descriptions will be frequently modified in case the product changes periodically, customers may add reviews and ask questions. Meta tags and Schema for the items can be customized as per developer preferences which they think is best for the site. Rank Math provides the best and advanced SEO for this.
  4. Integration with Google: Rank Math is integrated with various google products and assessment tools that constantly keep track of all the websites, search results, keyword and phrases searches etc. By this way, the site can shoot up their rank in all the search engines. Some of the tools that are most accessed are as follows:
    • Google Search Console Integration: Rank Math SEO integration with this is very helpful to show necessary information about the site. Like the region from where the site is accessed the most, what most of the people look at in the Which keywords were able to pick up the website, etc.
    • Google Keyword Ranking: Along with Rank Math SEO Plugin, tracking for the keywords and ranking based on it becomes easier. As Rank Math allows us to have multiple keywords optimized for the site, it becomes easy for the developer to access this Google product to see if the site is able to rank good for the specific keyword or not. If the developers feel the need to change the keyword, they can do it easily by using Rank Math.
    • Google Analytics Integration: Rank Math provides easy access to this product by Google. It can be easily installed and once all set up is done, Google Analytics is bound well to analyse different components of the site.
    • Google AMP SEO: Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is required to be prepared for search engines. By this way, the speed of the website is greatly enhanced. Search engine crawlers will be able to crawl through the pages easily and hence provides a better rank to the site.

Websites developed on WordPress with the usage of Rank Math plugin are well optimized, run smooth and don’t have any glitches that may reduce the site rankings.