5 holiday promotion ideas to dominate holiday sales | entheosweb

The holiday season is the best time for sales for many companies. Whether you sell handmade candles or business courses, December is a period of the year when people are willing to open their wallets and make purchases. 

So, if you want to make the most of the holidays, it’s very important to run promotions that will entice current and prospective customers to make purchases from your company.

Don’t know where to start? Try one of these 5 suggestions for effective holiday marketing.

1. Try PPC Ads

During the holiday shopping season, paid search advertising can prove to be a tremendous help to your company, but it can be challenging to know just where to spend your money in order to outperform the competition and boost client purchases. 

The good news is, you can hire a professional PPC agency to take care of this aspect of your marketing strategy. However, if you want to do everything on your own, be sure to start planning your PPC strategy now in order to give yourself plenty of time to figure it out. Here are a few tips that will help you out:

  • Pick the right keywords. Target your PPC ads to people searching for the kinds of products you’re selling.
  • Ramp up the discounts. Nothing encourages consumers to click on a PPC ad like a discount, so be explicit and clear about the savings you are offering in exchange for their click.
  • Use video. If done properly, using video in your ads is a tried-and-true method to engage viewers and make for a great holiday marketing idea.


2. Create a Gift Guide

Buying presents for other people can often be a challenging task. Almost everyone finds it difficult to come up with gift ideas for friends, spouses, parents, and kids during the holiday season.

In order to reach the customers most inclined to purchase your goods, create a holiday gift guide. Include items in a variety of price ranges so that shoppers can see what you have to offer. Don’t forget to post on social media and send out several emails. When the guide is finished, you should draw as much attention as you can to it.


3. Write a Project Proposal

Have an exciting project in mind that you believe could boost your holiday sales? In that case, it might be wise to write a proposal for a project. A project proposal is a document that describes a planned project, together with the processes, goals, and materials required to complete it. 

Project ideas are crucial for obtaining funding and sponsorships, persuading the company board to approve funding for a novel idea, and, of course, attracting new customers and increasing sales. Here are the stages you need to follow in order to draft a project proposal:

  • An executive summary, which serves as your project’s introduction, gives a quick rundown of the entire document. The goal of the summary is to pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to read the whole proposal.
  • Project background, which contains a description of the problem and its background, the issue’s impact on the business, the project’s requirements, and any additional pertinent information.
  • Solution. This section describes the specifics of your project, including the suggested solution for their problem and the measures you intend to take.
  • Financial information. This section includes the project’s budget, and might also explain the potential economic prospects.
  • Additional pertinent documents, such as a contact list for all parties involved, the company’s financial statements, or a map of the project area. 


4. Use Email Marketing

We already mentioned that you can use email marketing to advertise your gift guide to attract a ton of both current and potential customers to your holiday marketing campaigns. You can also use your email campaigns to promote your store by:

  • Subscription-only flash sales. Set yourself apart from the competition by including deals, flash sales, or coupon codes in your holiday emails. Make them extra exclusive and attractive by providing access only to people on your mailing list. This will help you grow your email list for post-holiday remarketing.
  • Giveaways. Run a contest and include it in your email newsletter to encourage your subscribers to participate. For instance, ask each new customer to tweet about the item on their wishlist and tag your company. Offer an attractive prize (such as a $100 gift card to be used in-store).


5. Diversify Your Holiday Marketing Tactics

Shopping experiences these days are anything but linear. Holiday shopping takes place both online and in-store. It is driven by a combination of online research and suggestions from friends and family.

When planning your Christmas marketing campaign, keep this in mind and diversify your messaging, channels, and promotions. Post user-generated content to social media, put up posters around your neighborhood and create stand-out seasonal content on your blog. This is the best way to determine which tactic is the best to reach your target audience and where you should focus your efforts to boost your holiday marketing ROI.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t any magic marketing strategies that will elevate your store overnight and result in outstanding holiday sales. For best results, try as many different marketing strategies as you can. You are bound to find a few that have a significant positive impact on your store’s seasonal sales.