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When it comes to tricks and strategies to upgrade your brand’s presence online, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is there to give it a great shot. 

Taking full advantage of the power of AI is never a bad choice. No matter if you’re a social media expert or a newbie, you can enjoy the benefits of AI to help you make better choices. 

Without further ado, let’s explore seven different tricks to use with AI tools if you want to enhance your social media game. 

7 Ways to Use AI Tools For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Reaching your audience and having engaging conversations is the goal of every social media expert out there. 

Let’s look at how you can leverage the newest AI tools for your social media campaigns.

1. Personalize Your Content Creation

Before we dive in, consider this: AI will have an estimated 21% net increase in the United States GDP by 2030. 

Why are we asking you to think about it? 

Because AI-powered tools can identify trends and understand your audience a lot faster. Through their capacity for analyzing incredible amounts of data, they can understand what your audience prefers, how they behave, and their demographics. 

With this information, you can create content directly tailored to their taste. 

So, from recommending products to them to suggesting relevant articles to even sending them messages, AI can help you create a voice online that will resonate with your target audience. 

This, in turn, will enhance your engagement and conversion rates. 

2. Automate And Schedule Your Posts

With AI tools, you don’t have to keep scheduling or manually posting on social media. AI can take a look at your audience’s behavior and suggest better posting times to enhance your social media strategy. 

According to research, 75% of marketers believe that AI-enabled search engines will have a positive impact on their blogs, and 68% predict that their sites will get more traffic.

Even better, AI can automate the entire scheduling process, making sure your posts go live at the best possible moment, even if you’re not there to supervise it personally. 

This will save you a lot of time and maximize the visibility of your posts. 

3. Analyzing Your Audience’s Feelings

When you understand how your audience sees the world, and especially how they feel about your brand and the industry you’re in, you can create a better social media strategy all around. 

AI-powered tools can sift through millions of posts, comments, and even mentions and then let you know the top 3 or 4 tendencies you have to consider when creating your content. 

You’ll be ahead of your competition by identifying emerging trends, addressing your customers’ concerns efficiently, and tailoring your messages so that they resonate better with your followers and potential clients. 

4. Automating Customer Service

As your audience grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to answer customer concerns in a timely and efficient way. That’s why so many companies are investing in AI-driven chatbots: these can sort routine inquiries from emergencies and other sorts of problems your clients might have. Not to mention, they can work around the clock. 

These chatbots make use of natural language processing, a.k.a NLP algorithms, to give an accurate answer to different problems. 

You can also program them with a certain tone of “voice” so that the communication in every platform of your brand is seamless. As a result, your human team can focus on more complex problems. 

While you’re at this, don’t forget to keep your company safe from cyberattacks. You can invest in a VPN such as Surfshark and other cybersecurity tools to prevent hackers from accessing your accounts without authorization. 

5. Video And Image Recognition

Nowadays, audiovisual content plays a crucial role in capturing our audience’s attention on social media. These AI-powered tools can view hundreds of hours of relevant videos and help you understand and tap into different trends. 

Aside from that, you can gauge how the audience is feeling toward you by tracking comments and mentions, and you can even stop people from stealing your content with these tools. 

6. Predictions Based On Analytics

When you use AI-driven predictive analytic tools, you can get ahead of your competition by understanding how trends and behaviors will evolve with your audience. 

AI can analyze both the data from the past and the things that are happening right now with your target audience. With enough information, it’s possible to predict outcomes. 

Anticipating these changes helps you to identify growth opportunities and tap into previously unseen market niches. If you stay proactive, you can gain an edge over your competitors. 

7. Identifying Influencers In Your Niche

Influencer marketing, when done right, can work wonders for your brand. Collaborating with people in your niche can drive up sales and engagement. If you pair this with AI, you can even get a glimpse into their audience demographics and their engagement rates. 

That way, you’ll make the smartest choice for your company. 


There’s a world of possibilities to tap into if you incorporate AI into your social media marketing strategies. 

From personalized content creation to automated scheduling and even sentiment analysis, these algorithms are sure to revolutionize the way social media marketers go about their jobs.