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How to Take Great Photos for a Website Using an iPhone

Photos make your website design more attractive and engaging. They set the tone of your site and show off your brand and products. If you want your brand to appear professional and authentic, you will battle to achieve this with stock photos. Apple has made some great improvements to iPhone cameras and you can take excellent shots with your iPhone. Here are some tips for taking great photos for your website using an iPhone.

Keep it simple

Taking professional photos with iPhone doesn’t mean having to take complex shots. When you first start taking photos with your iPhone, it’s easy to make the mistake of trying to include too many details in your photos. All you need to take a good photo is one interesting subject. With one main subject, it becomes easier to focus on composition. Don’t worry about negative space as this will help to make your subject stand out. Before you take your shot, check for distracting elements. You may need to move closer or change your viewpoint to make sure you don’t have unwanted elements in your photos.

Free up storage space

High resolution photos can quickly take up space on your iPhone. There are different ways to free up storage space on an iPhone. If you want to know how to clear an iPhone, the first step you can take is to remove duplicate shots, similar shots, screenshots you don’t need any more, etc. from your photo library. Another way to optimize iPhone storage is to clear your browser cache. Clearing app data also gives you more iPhone storage. Apple has some recommendations such as storing your high res media files in iCloud and keeping smaller-size versions of photos on your iPhone.

Apply the ‘rule of thirds’

Turning on grid lines gives you a visual aid that helps you to compose your photos. It enables you to apply the ‘rule of thirds’ to your photos which can be a game-changer.

  • Open Settings and go to Camera.
  • Under Composition, you will turn on the toggle for Grid.
  • Open the Camera app and you should see two horizontal lines and two vertical lines on the screen.

Placing your subject on one of the four intersection points of the grid lines creates a more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing photo.

Use natural light

When learning how to take pictures for website, using a natural light source is best. Your camera may default to flash-on mode even when you don’t really need to use it. Turning off the flash is advisable as it can add glare and give a strange hue to your photos. Keep the light source in front of you so shadows don’t drown out the focus of your image.

Focus on the subject

You don’t want blurry photos on your website. Make sure the subject is in focus by tapping on your screen before you take a shot. This helps the camera to understand where you want it to focus. Another tip is to tap the screen to get different lighting effects. For example, you can tap on the sky versus the landscape in a photo of the sunset to make your photo more dramatic.

Go horizontal!

Devices such as desktops, tablets, and laptops require horizontal images to fill screens. Vertical images don’t translate well even if you enlarge and crop them. It’s advisable to only use vertical images for head shots, such as those of team members on your About Page.

Find the best angle

You don’t only have to take shots from chest height which is what people often do when using an iPhone camera. Experiment with getting down low when taking a shot. This can make a photo more intriguing as you show a subject from a different perspective. Shooting a landscape picture from a low angle allows you to capture flowers in the foreground or reflections in water.

Don’t zoom in

Zoom in on an iPhone screen and you lose quality. Your image becomes pixelated and looks grainy. Use Zoom to check out details of a photo after taking it but don’t zoom in while taking it. You should rather get closer to your subject wherever possible.

Invest in a tripod

If you want to know how to take professional product photos with iPhone, you may need some additional equipment. It isn’t that expensive to invest in a tripod. It will help you to steady your pose. If your camera stays completely still during a shot, the image will be clearer. This will allow you to create a consistent catalog of product photos.


It is important to experiment with your iPhone camera so you know how to get the best shots. When you put your experience, creativity, and thought behind your shots, you will get the best results. iPhones are known for their powerful cameras. You just need to use them smartly to get the best results and with this guide here, you can be sure of getting the best results.