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Teachers have successfully used infographics

  • to visually convey information that would cover pages of reading
  • to revise and summarise the key points of a class lesson
  • to promote group work, discussion and feedback,
  • to use infographics tools
  • to improve on presentation of the infographic
  • and to test the understanding of the class as a whole on key concepts.

The interactivity involved in the making of the infographic engages the student far more than book learning alone, and makes learning creative and fun!

Educational researchers suggest that roughly 83% of human learning occurs visually. The human brain processes images three times faster than text. Studies suggest that people are about 30 times more likely to read a high value infographic than a text article!

Here are some infographics created by students:
Habitat loss – Group infographics

Infographics by teachers : 8 commonly misused words

8 commonly misused words

The Flipped Classroom
Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams are two educators who turned the traditional classroom teaching model on its head with their Flipped Classroom model that emphasises interactive learning by students rather than teacher-delivered lectures in the classroom. Bergman and Sams recorded their lectures on online software that could be distributed to students who had missed class, then spent the classroom time guiding students in understanding the lesson, facilitating collaborative and interactive learning, working with small groups, and answering questions of students struggling with some aspect of the lesson. This worked well and so they decided to make the Flip a regular way to teach. Students take more responsibility for learning and the teacher is the “Guide on the Side” rather than the “Sage on the Stage” as seen in the The Flipped Classroom infographic

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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