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Cool HTML Bullet Tips

Learn how to give shapes, alphabets or roman numerals properties to bullets using the <ul> or <ol> tags

Samples of different kinds of bullets using the <ul> tag

      Default Bullet       Square Bullets       Circular bullets
      <ul type="disc" >       <ul type="square">       <ul type="circle">

Samples of using the <ol> tag

     Points in alphabetical order      Points in Roman Numerals
  1. Point a
  2. Point b
  3. Point c
  1. Point A
  2. Point B
  3. Point C
  1. Point i
  2. Point ii
  3. Point iii
  1. Point I
  2. Point II
  3. Point III
     <ol type="a">      <ol type="A">      <ol type="i">      <ol type="I">

All you need to do is get into the html and use the 'Type' attribute in the <ul> and <ol> tags. You can also use images as bullets as seen in our ready-made website templates.

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