Fireworks is a really great tool you can use to create unique, attractive and professional graphics. Here are some really cool web graphic design tips you can try out using Macromedia Fireworks. Try them out and don’t forget to check out our Fireworks Tips for more tips and tricks on Macromedia Fireworks.

Paste Inside

Here’s a big favorite of mine. The Paste Inside property of Fireworks allows you to paste an image inside an object. You can get really amazing images in the shape of circles, hearts, ovals, diamonds etc. here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make the shape that you want using the ordinary shape tools found in your toolbar (e.g. circle, rectangle etc.)
  2. Place the photograph within the shape
  3. Select the image and cut it (Cntrl +X)
  4. Then select the shape and click on Edit>Paste Inside (Cntrl+Shift+V)
  5. The picture is now placed within the shape. If you want to move the picture within the shape, click on the white arrow in the toolbar and select the picture. Now you can move the image within the shape to get the perfect position. The image and the shape is now an object. If you select the object with the usual select tool, you can add cool effects like an inner bevel or a drop shadow. Play around with it and you can get some really professional looking graphics. You can also paste multiple images within a given shape.

Photo Optics

PhotoOptics is another cool tip on designing amazing graphics. You can adjust the brightness, color, contrast and more, using this feature. All you need to do is, select the image, go to XTras > PhotoOptics and play around with the options given. Try changing the hues, tints and brightness to get unique and attractive graphics.


Use the Fireworks Effects palette to make your graphics look different. Try out the drop shadow, inner bevel, outer bevel and glow. You can use these effects on buttons to give it a 3 dimensional look. Drop shadows look good on single images. It makes an image stand out in a page. We’ve used a bevel for the header and footer in our web site. Notice our web site is very simple but simple effects like a bevel or a drop shadow can make it look quite different!

Graphic Design Tips

  • Have you ever tried to edit an image only to get very jagged edges and an unprofessional finish? Click here to learn the trick to professional image editing.
  • Try using different levels of transparency to design eye-catching collages. Use the object palette in Fireworks and try out different percentages of opacity to get image transparency and merge the images to get beautiful collages.
Bonus Tip: Feather your images and merge them together to design attractive and eye-catching collages. Then paste your collage inside an object.

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