Tip 1: Always use Templates while developing a web site

If your web site follows a basic structure throughout the site you absolutely must use a template. Imagine you have a web site with over 50 pages, all following the same basic structure. If you need to make one small change, let’s say changing the table width from 90% to 95%, you need to go each of those 50 pages and change it manually. Whereas if you were using a template you would only need to change it in the template and all the pages would get updated automatically. It’s a huge time saver.

 Click here to learn how to use templates in Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver makes it very easy to create templates, apply templates and update pages.

Tip 2: Server Side Includes are simply the best!

If you keep all your basic information in a template the whole site automatically gets updated, but you still have to ftp the all the pages that use the template. To save ftp time use Server Side Includes(SSI’s). Trust me, it will be the answer to all your prayers. If you keep updating parts of your site on a regular basis you need to use server side includes. E.g. The menus on the left of this page are server side includes. These links keep changing as we add new content to the site. An SSI basically gives the path to the include and the page reads the HTML code in the include file. Therefore when you make a change in the include it is automatically reflected in the page accessing the include. You only have to ftp the include and not all the pages accessing the include.

 Learn how to use Server Side Includes

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