Website template customization ideas. Get ideas on how you can customize ready-made website templates to suit your area of business and your individual tastes and preferences.

Important point to Note: You don’t need to necessarily search for a template under a specific category that relates to your business. You can choose any template where you like the layout and get it customized to suit your business. Navigation links, pictures and colors can easily be changed. This is something I recommend my clients as they may not find the template in their category. If you have pictures relating to your web site, we can easily customize any template of your choice from any category.

Live example of a customized template –


Business Template 1





There’s a lot you can do with ready-made website templates and it can be completely changed to give a unique special design to your website. Here are the things you should look at doing when you purchase a template.

  • Add Your Logo
    The first thing you should do is add your logo to the site – E.g. we added the logo to which is a customization of Business template 9. As you can see simply adding the logo and header changed the look of the template and made it unique to the client. We also added an extra menu on the left to add additional links.
  • Change The Pictures
    The next thing you need to do is change the pictures to pictures of your organization or business. For e.g in the above example we have added a picture of the individual who owns the site. This gives a personal and unique look to the site.
  • Customize the Colors of the Template
    Once you have added your pictures and logo, you can customize the colors of the template to suit the pictures. You will see that just by changing the colors of the template, it looks unique and different. Alternatively, you can choose a color theme that you like from another template and customize your template with those colors. E.g. which was a customization of Business template 1 has used the template colors of Family template 7
  • Customize the Navigation Links
    Customize the links to the names that you would like them to be. For example even if you choose a travel template you can use it for a food website just by changing the pictures and navigation.
  • Add Scripts or Design Elements
    Add a unique homepage like we added to Using the same layout idea we added a unique homepage. You can also add drop-down menusswap imagesphoto-galleries and much more!

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