Geometric, organic and abstract shapes make Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides templates come alive.

Shapes enhance presentation design. They add an innovative and modern touch to clean and minimal design.

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Designers need shapes in design to:

  • Organize information through connection and separation
  • Lead the eye from one design element to the next
  • Symbolize different ideas; simplify complex ideas
  • Create movement, texture, and depth
  • Convey mood and emotion
  • Provide focus and emphasis on areas of interest

Many designs use a combination of different shapes to communicate – geometric, organic and abstract.

For instance, a logo may use a triangular shape while rectangles and squares are used in the design, and icons within the buttons use abstract shapes.

  1. Geometric shapes are regular shapes that form patterns, like squares or circles.
    1. Triangles
    2. Cubes
    3. Diagonals
    4. Rhombuses
    5. Rectangles and Squares
    6. Circles
    7. Geometric shapes in combination
  2. Organic or free-form shapes are associated with things from the natural world, like plants and animals.  They are hard to define, like rocks, puddles, leaves, trees, or clouds. In contrast to the structured form of geometric shapes, organic shapes are unpredictable and flowing in appearance and can add energy, interest and harmony to a design.
  3. Abstract shapes are stylized versions of organic elements and are representations of concepts, as used in stick figures and icons.
  4. Combination of abstract, geometric and infographic design

The symbolism of geometric shapes

Shapes with straight lines and angles generally symbolise structure and order, while shapes with curves are softer and represent connection and community. Generally speaking, angular shapes are more aggressive and masculine, curved shapes are more nurturing and feminine.

Types of geometric shapes


Triangles naturally draw the eye from the widest part to the pointed tip like an arrow, and serve as directional and navigational tools. The shape relates to masculine ideas of strength and angularity, and when it rests on its base it shows stability and power.  In religious symbolism it stands for the Trinity.  Visual interest can be created with several triangles arranged together in a block-style grouping using different colors.

Renggel PowerPoint Template

Renggel PowerPoint Template - Yellow and White Triangle Theme

Gizari Google Slides

This  modern, customizable Google Slides design uses a pyramid formed by triangles  for the logo and triangles in the design, both downward pointing and upward pointing triangles to guide the line of sight.  The triangles form diagonal lines that divide text content from images, so that the rectangular grids of the slide layout are given a visual break.

Gizari Google Slides - Triangle Theme

2020 Business Ideas Google Slides

2020 Business Ideas Google Slides

Xpress PowerPoint Template

The clever use of three colors  gives a 3-D feel  to the hexagons in this design, creating pyramids from triangles, which also shape arrows  that  lead the eye to visuals.  Triangles also form rhombuses or buntings.  60 unique slides customizable with One Click color changer. More than 150 colors options.  Smart charts, infographics included.  Fully editable, just drag and drop images. Parallax animations.

Xpress PowerPoint Template
Xpress PowerPoint Template

Glassgow Google Slides

Google Slides Template - Polygonal Design


Afterxube PowerPoint Template

Afterxube PowerPoint Template


Diagonals cut the formality of the regular rectangular or square grid, bringing about a feeling of freedom. Diagonal lines naturally lead the eye to navigation and content.

Inertia Keynote Template

Inertia Keynote Template - Disgonals Design

Fan-Ink Brand PowerPoint Template

Fan-Ink Brand PowerPoint Template

Rectangles are the heroes in this design used with color to grab attention and interest. Triangles are also used in key slides to focus on the brand. This presentation template can be used for business and services, education and books, entertainment, games and nightlife, design and graphics, advertising and more.


A rhombus is a flat shape with 4 straight sides that are all equal length.  Its opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal. It is a type of parallelogram. A diamond is a type of rhombus.

Rhombuses can be used as separate elements or in an interconnected pattern with other diamonds or with triangles, lines, hexagons and other shapes.  Diamond grids form an elegant preview of images for portfolio presentations and have a smart and contemporary look.

Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Rhombuses are used in color, with images and in hollow form, with shadows creating the impression of 3D depth, with arrows, triangles and diagonals in this PowerPoint template  to create an image of an organization on the move.   Rhombus- shaped icons complete the  21-slide template.   All slides are resizable and editable.

Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Mantra PowerPoint Template

This design uses a rhombus grid in light and dark shades to neatly display images and icons on green buttons, in this minimalist, professional 30-slide PowerPoint presentation template.  When enlarged, part of the rhombus goes out of the rectangular frame and its sharp edges are defined by red lines to form an arrow, focusing attention on the logo.

Mantra PowerPoint Template

Moor – Creative Keynote Template

Rhombuses and rectangles are used effectively in this elegant  minimalist Keynote drag-and drop template of 30 slides, customizable for any business purpose.

Moor - Creative Keynote Template

Masito Keynote Template

Red and  grey rhombuses and rectangles create a dramatic Keynote template of 30 slides, customizable for your business.

Masito Keynote Template


Hexagons are six-sided figures beloved by nature. You find them in beehives, in snowflakes, and the awe-inspiring basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
Two equilateral triangles form a six-pointed star with a regular hexagon in the middle. Six points of the star are formed by six triangles.

Hexagons are an efficient way to build.  And to build a presentation idea, step by step, using the six sides of a hexagon to explain related concepts, and then to build upon those concepts with other related concepts.

Point – Creative PowerPoint Template

Point - Creative PowerPoint Template

Tarlah PowerPoint Template

The sunshine yellow of this presentation theme using hexagons is instantly attractive to all, and recalls the power and energy of the sun.  Larger hexagons call attention to the most important elements, while the slightly curving outer shapes imply growth and flexibility.  The smaller hexagons with the yellow accent lines framing their left sides  with arrow shapes show the relationship of teams to their team creator, who is highlighted inside a bright yellow hexagon. Use the presentation for a creative studio, business enterprise or personal presentation.

Tarlah PowerPoint Template

Minimal Template Google Slides

Minimal Template Google Slides

Rectangles and Squares

Rectangles and squares are formal shapes with right angles, suggesting conformity, stability, solidity, peacefulness, security and equality.  Rectangles are the most commonly used shapes in design. They lend structure and order to content.  We see them in newspapers, web and presentation grids, textbooks, portraits, and brochures.

These shapes may tend to get staid and boring. However, designers with inspiration can break out of the mould by playing with images, varying their sizes, textures and colors and interspersing other design elements.

Full Color – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This striking Powerpoint Template uses rectangles in beautiful bright colors to highlight products while text stands out in white.

Full Color - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

BOHEMIE PowerPoint Template

Earthy colors and textures with rectangles and squares are used effectively in this elegant catalog style presentation template for a fashionwear brand, beauty store or model portfolio for men or women.

BOHEMIE PowerPoint Template

Color Fun PowerPoint Template

Rectangles call the shots in this colorful  and unique creative PowerPoint template, but don’t miss the use of curves, circles, lines, frames, and other elements that lead your eye through text or from one frame to the next. Ideal for a design studio, designer portfolio, photographer, business, entertainment or media company, games and nightlife business or more.

Color Fun PowerPoint Template


Circles represent wholeness and completeness, unity and infinity. Circles have no beginning and no end.  They may symbolise the sun, moon, the earth and the universe. They suggest energy, power and have free movement.  Lines and shading can enhance the feel of movement.  Circles are graceful, sensual, feminine and comforting.  Circles offer safety and connection.  They attract attention, provide emphasis and set things apart, which is why they are used in logos, icons and buttons, or in accent areas to highlight key elements.

Circle Brand Keynote Template

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, is what this creative Keynote presentation says, boldly, using circle graphics as a theme, along with abstract shapes, negative shapes like silhouettes, color and whole or part circles, filled or hollow, to create movement and dynamism.   Images are merged with circles and used minimally to maximize impact and add value to text.

This presentation pack is ideal for a design studio, graphic artist, advertising agency , communications  or media company or business presentation.


Circle Brand Keynote Template

Nihong PowerPoint Template

A striking and unique PowerPoint presentation design using circles and ovals, for a travel agency or business, advertising or many more.  30 slides, easily customizable.

Nihong PowerPoint Templates

Bredel PowerPoint Template

Circles in part and whole create an impression of movement and completeness, in this minimalist PowerPoint template.   Circles are also used with icons for the buttons. Use this presentation for a commercial enterprise, creative studio,for industry, or for personal use.

Blue Circle Theme PowerPoint Template

Geometric shapes in combination

Pastel Rainbow – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This multipurpose PowerPoint presentation design meaningfully uses several colors with geometric shapes  – hexagon, triangle, rhombus, circle, lines forming Xs and Vs, or forming arrows, leading eye movement.  It also uses shapes within shapes, to create a 3D look, like lines of cylinders arranged to form a rainbow tunnel, dots forming a rectangle; circles to highlight Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, rectangles and squares creating patterns, and more.

Pastel Rainbow - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Innovation Creative PPT For Design Agency PowerPoint Template

This innovative PowerPoint presentation for a design agency or digital studio uses lines, squares, circles and rectangles in its design.  It contains 50 customizable slides, light and dark versions and a portfolio section.  Images are included.  5 color variations.

Innovation Creative PPT For Design Agency PowerPoint Template

First Goal PowerPoint Template

This well designed Power Point design uses rectangles giving structure and order to the layout.  The rectangle standing on its narrow base has Vs pointing downward to form an arrow, calling attention to the logo.   In the About Us section the rectangle is horizontal and the Vs point right leading the eye to the more information.  A hexagon grid and a square grid neatly present content, images and icons. Content ‘’chunking” is done with blocks of color to make it easier for the reader to read content. Services are highlighted with icons. At bottom right is a slide with more icons with calls to action using a telephone dial as a visual device.

First Goal PowerPoint Template

Clarence – Creative PowerPoint Template

Clarence - Creative PowerPoint Template

Organic Shapes

Organic or free-form shapes are associated with things from the natural world, like plants or clouds and rocks and are more unstructured and free-flowing.

Examples of Organic Shapes in design

Luminate – Creative PowerPoint Template

Luminate - Creative PowerPoint Template

Melissa PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint presentation uses organic shapes and muted pastel colors that harmonize with nature. The shapes appear like leaves and rocks which are natural objects,  and are used to frame images or add depth and interest to them.  Real images and illustrations of natural leaves and plants are used to   heighten the effect. Use this template for a fashion brand or premium range of products using herbal ingredients, a personal or business presentation,  photography portfolio, business, proposal presentations.

Melissa PowerPoint Template

Creative Business Presentation Google Slides

This PowerPoint Template with organic shapes of color blobs has an informal style that implies fluidity and flexibility.  Use this presentation for business and services, graphic design or personal presentation.

Creative Business Presentation Google Slides

ANICA PowerPoint Template

This is a multipurpose design with light backdrop and delicate natural patterns. It uses organic shapes with a bold leaf motif that provides a harmonious and healing touch, and sets off the images of the model to advantage.  Rectangles lend focus to key elements in design. This PowerPoint presentation template can be used for an elegant photography portfolio, business, fashion or proposal presentation or your personal brand.

ANICA PowerPoint Template

Klorofos PowerPoint Template

This eco-friendly PowerPoint template uses organic shapes of natural elements like a tree and leaves in negative silhouette on a green background and in circle buttons, in image form and in oval buttons in green with icons. Soft grey is used to highlight the green. Use this presentation template for the creative industry, creative industry, business or personal use.

Klorofos PowerPoint Template

Ballerin Google Slides

This PowerPoint Template uses the organic shape of a butterfly with a ballerina as the theme of the design. This presentation can be used for business, media and advertising, design, brand marketing and personal presentation.Ballerin Google Slides

Kinton Keynote Template

This PowerPoint Template is uniquely designed with organic shapes – cloud shapes merging with photographs of real birds, people and skylines and icons, which are abstract shapes, to create a very attractive design. 30 unique slides, fully editable, for creative, industry, business or personal use.

Kinton Keynote Template

Bodycare PowerPoint Template

This presentation design uses organic shapes representing the human body merged with images representing healthcare. It is a minimalist, professional and unique presentation template for healthcare, medicare, pharmaceutical company, marketing or creative studio or personal presentation.

Bodycare PowerPoint Template

Animals PPT PowerPoint Template

Animals PPT PowerPoint TemplateAnimals PPT PowerPoint Template

Modern – Business Google Slides

Water splashes and ripples in organic shapes merged with images are used along with graphics in this modern, creative business presentation with free-flowing appeal.   Use for a business presentation, creative studio, marketing or commercial enterprise or a personal presentation.

Modern - Business Google Slides

Flora 13.12 PowerPoint Template

Flora 13.12 PowerPoint Template

Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes are depictions of real things without being exact representations. An example of an abstract shape is a stick figure, which represents a person. The icons we see in street signs, on our phones and in web design, are abstract shapes that we can easily recognize.

Abstract shapes in presentation design

Aurora PowerPoint Template

The logo in the shape of a stylized sun is a recurring motif in the theme of this stunning PowerPoint Presentation using abstract art depicting the power of the sun in golden yellow. 30 unique slides, fully editable, for creative, industry, business or personal use.

Aurora PowerPoint Template

Luminate – Creative PowerPoint Template

This is a PowerPoint presentation template with a  unique look, using abstract shapes. It has 30 slides, dark and light slides, with all graphics resizable and customizable.  11 extra color schemes. Use it for your own portfolio with creative style, for a graphic design agency, IT Company, or a business portfolio.

Luminate - Creative PowerPoint Template

Painting | PowerPoint Template

Abstract shapes with painting styles.

Painting PowerPoint Template - Abstract shapes with painting styles

Wava – Keynote Template

Wave forms in abstract shapes.

Wava - Keynote Template


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic (or information graphic) is “a visual representation of information or data”. An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts and minimal  text used in an engaging way to communicate an overview of a topic. Infographics are also called data visualization.

Infographics can use a combination of geometric, organic and abstract shapes in their design along with text and images as they communicate quickly and effectively since people are familiar with them.

Infographics in presentation design

Comprehensive Pack PowerPoint Template

Abstract shapes, some with a 3D look, communicating concepts, are included in the infographics in this PowerPoint Template for any kind of corporate  or business presentation for a commercial enterprise or industry.  The Comprehensive Pack reduces your work by supplying templates designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind. With 457 fully editable slides, the Pitch Deck Bundle provides you with the template you need to deliver a strong pitch. Slides feature charts, graphs, customizable infographics and over 3500 professional vector icons.
90 color themes are included in this pack, for One Click changes to the colors of shapes, icons and fonts.

Comprehensive Pack PowerPoint Template

3D Cube Infographics vol.2 PowerPoint Template

Creative Cube Set of charts comes loaded with abstract geometric shapes of iconic cube infographics and amazingly detailed 3D icons which are fully editable. This set contains 9 multiple-use charts along with 11 unique cube graphics to choose from. These 3D charts can be used to represent different business strategy and marketing models in a simplified form which make it interesting to understand and explain.   Set of 12  pre-animated slides, both pptx and ppt are available,  in 16:9 aspect ratio.

3D Cube Infographics vol.2 PowerPoint Template

Big Bundle PowerPoint Template

All kinds of infographics for all kinds of presentations!  Big Bundle PowerPoint Template gives you big value with a 13 in 1 bundle of 900+ slides. Includes vector graphics, print friendly, 16:9 aspect ratio. Change colors with a single click. Custom branding possible. Mobile editable.  Use it for any industry or business , media and entertainment, environment, corporate, marketing and branding presentations, professional or personal  story presentation,  logistics, HR, women empowerment, and more.

List of Products

 This 13 in one bundle contains 900+ slides:

  • Corporate Life Presentation Template
  • Corporate Functions PPT Template
  • Human Emotions Illustrative Template
  • Smart Technology PowerPoint Template
  • Happy People Infographic Template
  • Doodle Infographic Template
  • Profession Infographic Template
  • Mega PowerPoint Dashboard Creator
  • Logistics PowerPoint Infographic Set
  • Mega Environment PowerPoint Pack
  • My Life PowerPoint Template
Big Bundle PowerPoint Template

Combination of abstract and geometric design

Mixart Multipurpose Creative PowerPoint Template

Mixart Multipurpose Creative PowerPoint TemplateMixart Multipurpose Creative PowerPoint Template

Combination of abstract, geometric and infographic design

Grow Business Keynote Template

Abstract and geometric shapes are used in this attractive Keynote template which includes

slides, charts, tables, infographics, maps  icons and a vector graphic. All shapes, graphics, colors, fonts, sizes, vectors and icons are fully editable. Use it for your commercial enterprise, entrepreneurial business or personal presentation.

Grow Business Keynote Template

To sum up:

Geometric, organic and abstract shapes can be used separately or in combination to create striking designs to make your presentation communications more impactful. Infographics often combine different shapes with images and text to communicate ideas and concepts.

Shapes can be used effectively in design to:

  1. Design navigational elements
  2. Connect or separate elements
  3. Lead the eye from one element to the next
  4. Create backgrounds
  5. Focus on or accent key points or areas
  6. Act as Calls to Action (CTA)

What’s your next design idea?  Shape it up!

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