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Every design is not created by the program, but by you. If you have your own design style, you can do the job efficiently in any program. However, the right web design resources facilitate the design process and help you work more efficiently.

Let’s consider the most basic and popular web design tools to date. I divided them into two categories — premium and free.

Using these resources, you can create and generate your own unique design, which will be not only modern and beautiful but also as convenient as possible.



ONE Membership - Your Ultimate Web Development Kit

And the first one on our list is ONE Membership. Thanks to it, access to more than 11,000 design products is available for only $199 per year or $590 forever. And the number of website design tools is growing every month with at least 50-100 new products. It is useful both to be inspired and to close all design issues both at the stage of preparation for the presentation of the project and during its implementation.

ONE subscription pricing is more than affordable. If one template on a website can be bought for at least $67, then paying $199 a month, you can get unlimited access to hundreds of templates, themes, plugins, images, etc.

But this is not all, because the buyer also receives:

  • a variety of detailed infographics;
  • lack of installation restrictions, that is, you can use the template for any number of sites;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Free hosting for the duration of the subscription.

Interestingly, there is not only a one-year subscription but also a without a limit one. It means you can use any number of templates, themes, plugins, and photos to create any volume of sites, without any restrictions. The cost of an unlimited subscription is higher, but its possibilities are unlimited. The payback of such a purchase, even at a not very intensive pace of site development, is less than several years.

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Novi Builder

This is a powerful website builder with a package of features that allow users to quickly create a website and immediately make it accessible via the Internet.

At the same time, Novi Builder will be useful for both beginners, allowing them to edit the site in visual mode, and professional developers thanks to the ability to work with the code directly through the built-in editor.

The key distinguishing features of this web page designer are:

  • its affordable price compared to competitors
  • and the availability of functionality, which in the case of most designers must be purchased separately.

After subscribing to Novi Membership, a user gets access to an impressive collection of trendy and stylish templates. Before choosing the most suitable for your online project, you can view a variety of options. Subscribing to Novi also provides you with 20 great plugins. And the Novi page builder itself can be called a great choice because HTML templates are becoming more and more popular.

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Landing Page Templates

Landing Page Templates

Ready-made landing page templates are necessary for a quick launch of a new product, for its promotion or motivate users to register/subscribe to the newsletter. Convenience and ease of use with a competent arrangement of conversion elements are extremely important for any landing page. Modern selling landing page templates are developed with an eye to the possibility of creating an adaptive website with high conversion.

Here you can find a collection of HTML landing templates with free and premium features. All of them are suitable for the successful promotion of a service/product online. Of course, you should be sure that the website design and its compliance with your product are right. The choice is wide enough among premium HTML5 landing page templates. Unlike those that you can download for free. Surely there is one suitable for your niche or specificity.

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Lintense – All-in-one Landing Page Template

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template
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Lintense is the best variant for landing pages thanks to a great number of features. It is an all-in-one bootstrap landing page template that makes creating and optimizing a page quickly and easy. It contains 12 predefined templates for all industries. This template is optimized for great speed and performance. Lintense will help you to generate many qualified leads. It doesn’t matter if you have just a little programming skills thanks to the integrated Novi Builder. This page builder is very easy to use. In addition, the template is compatible with the most innovative plugins and popular browsers. With the acquisition of Lintense, you also get support around the clock.

Admin Templates

Admin Templates
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Using admin panel templates will be useful primarily to developers who are busy writing their own admin panel, rather than landing a website on the CMS. After all, you can save a lot of time by using a ready-made interface solution, and not spend it on the design and development of designs for the admin panel.

In addition, these templates can be useful in cases where you need to change the design of an existing engine. TemplateMonster provides sets of quality and stylish solutions for such occasions. There are over 70 templates, which starting from $16.

PSD Templates

PSD Templates
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Nowadays, you don’t need to hire a designer to create a site. After all, there are a lot of ready-made solutions. Today, even with minimal computer user skills, a simple site can be created in minutes. But sometimes you need something more complicated, especially if the project is unusual and requires an unconventional approach. In this case, it makes sense to look at the PSD-site templates. Who knows, maybe there is something suitable for you. A PSD template can be modified, add new design elements to it, but at the same time maintaining the original structure of the site. What’s good is that today you can find a lot of templates on the internet. There are over 3000 PSD templates for any taste. They are well-designed and you can customize them easily. Also, they look very modern by using all the latest trends in web design.

Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services
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The last premium website design tool is website maintenance. The TemplateMonster offers its services for $39 per month for one site. Moreover, they provide access to customization services with lower prices for it.

The work of the TemplateMonster is aimed at maintaining the security of your site, timely updates, and backups. There are also a money-back-guarantee and two plans to choose from.

This service has one of the lowest costs on the market nowadays. Choosing this option, you get high-quality 24/7 support in all situations and confidence that your site is in good hands.

Maintenance, optimization, backup, and support are included in every plan. Best security experts handle cleaning up malware and errors.

More features:

  • Constant monitoring of the site,
  • SEO optimization,
  • Speeding up site performance,
  • Site security and protection package,
  • Daily and weekly backups.



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Images have always been one of the most important web design resources. Unfortunately, many sites use low-quality images that have a poor resolution or are simply not unique. To find a really good image, you need to pay a rather big fee for it. But some resources let you find stunning images to use without worrying about copyright.

Freepik is a huge library with free design content. You can download images in AI, EPS and SVG formats

Freepik adds hundreds of free vector images every day.

This resource is a loyal assistant in the search for free vector images, illustrations, icons, PSD layouts, and photos.



The more patterns you know, the easier and friendlier your sites will be. Also, it will be easier for users to be on them and more sales will be for you. And, of course, you will be more appreciated as a professional. There are many patterns libraries on the internet.

Paaatterns is a special section of Istore graphics. This is a website where you can download the set of patterns for free. The total number of files is about 22. Before downloading this set, you can see how it looks like each of them. They have such vector formats as PNG and SVG. They are suitable for Sketch, XD, Figma, and Illustrator.



If you want to use the latest PSD templates and new items when designing, then be sure to visit Freebiesbug.

Freebiesbug is a project by graphic designer Pasquale Vitiello. On his website, you will find 300 icon sets, 400 free fonts, and over 1300 PSD templates.
Don’t forget to sign up for the Freebiesbug newsletter to receive email updates.

Using these web design tools, you can create and generate your own unique design, which will be not only modern and beautiful but also as convenient as possible.



As you already know, icons are a great way to attract the attention of your website visitors. So, they should be part of your arsenal for design. Of course, you can create your own icons, but it will take a lot of time. So why not just take advantage of special sites that offer a large selection of icons for your site absolutely free.

Icon Finder is one of them. users have access to more than 14 000 free icons. There is a large selection of sizes, formats, and themes. Iconfinder has an easy icon-search. You get access to half a million free and paid badges. All files for downloading are available in several sizes and formats.


As you can see, there are hundreds of tools and resources for web development that will help optimize your development workflow and hopefully help you increase productivity. Again, I can’t list each tool or resource, but if I forgot something important, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

Using the above website design tools, you can easily create a truly attractive and creative design for your web projects. Therefore, in order not to lose this list of services, add this page to your browser bookmarks using the CTRL + D key combination.