In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a business card with a QR code for free using the amazing Canva. Learn how to use beautiful in-built business card templates to create an amazing business card within minutes.  You will also learn how to generate a qr code for your URL and insert it into your business card design.

How to create a business card with qr code | entheosweb

Step 1 –  Go to Canva and Click on Create a Design (found in the top right). Search for ‘business card’.  You will get many business card design options like rounded corners, portrait, landscape etc.  We have chosen Business Card (Landscape).

Create a business card design in canva | entheosweb

Step 2: You will see a wide variety of ready-made, beautifully designed, creative business card templates. Click on the design you like.  Note that colors, text and images can be easily customized so choose the design that you like best. For this tutorial, we will be using the following ready-made template design.

Customize business card templates in canva | entheosweb

Click Apply both pages (Front and Back).

Front and back business card in canva | entheosweb

Step 3: Add your logo.  Click on Uploads on the left and choose Upload files.  Upload your logo and choose it to insert in the document.

Upload files in canva | entheosweb

You can drag to center align the logo, you will automatically see gridlines to help you to center the logo and other elements you have chosen.  You can also use Position to help you align the logo. You can use the delete icon to delete the unwanted elements.

Aligning in canva | entheosweb

Step 4 – Adding the QR Code

Now we will add the QR code.  Go to Apps on the right bar and search for QR code.  Select QR code.

Qr code in canva | entheosweb

Enter your URL and you will see the QR code being generated. You can also customize the background color and foreground color if needed.  Click on Generate QR Code.

Generate qr code in canva | entheosweb Customize qr code in canva | entheosweb

Drag the QR code where you want it, I have dragged it to the right on the first page.  Customize the text by simply clicking on the text.

Create a business card with qr code in canva | entheosweb

Step 5 – Download the files

Once your design is ready, all you have to do is download and share or print.  Note that the design can be modified anytime as it is saved on Canva.  You can change the text, colors, images etc. very easily.

Click on Share on the top right and choose Download.

Share and download business card in canva | entheosweb

You can choose the file type that best suits your requirements from the options given.  You can choose PNG or PDF for print or JPG for sharing.

Download in canva | entheosweb

Congratulations! You have successfully created a business card with qr code.

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