We all know as a designer, how important different Patterns and Textures to spice up a boring design. They can easily add depth and interest to a design. No matter whether it’s a huge background pattern or just subtle texture used in some areas; these can make any design more striking. We are showcasing here 20 gorgeous textures and patterns; the good news is these are all free and quite easy to download. We hope you would like this collection.

20 Cool Free Textures and Patterns

1. 20 Grunge Textures

20 Grunge Textures

2. Grating texture

Grating texture

3. 12 Psychedelic Stained Paper Textures

12 Psychedelic Stained Paper Textures

4. Free Faded Blue Patterns

Free Faded Blue Patterns

5. Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen

Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen

6. Tileable Icy and Watery Seamless Blue Textures

Tileable Icy and Watery Seamless Blue Textures

7. Wood_Texture


8. Grungy Vintage Dots Patterns

Grungy Vintage Dots Patterns

9. Free Flat Surface Texture

Free Flat Surface Texture

10. 33 Thai Patterns

33 Thai Patterns

11. Gears and Cogs

Gears and Cogs

12. 12 Space Waves Patterns

12 Space Waves Patterns

13. Tileable Basket Weave Textures

Tileable Basket Weave Textures

14. ScrappinCop Free Spirit

ScrappinCop Free Spirit

15. Colorful Grunge Texture

Colorful Grunge Texture

16. Free Seamless Wood Texture

Free Seamless Wood Texture

17. Broken Glass Textures

Broken Glass Textures

18. Seamless Paper Patterns

Seamless Paper Patterns

19. Abstract Glass Texture

Abstract Glass Texture

20. Dirty Textures

Dirty Textures

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