30 High Quality Metallic Textures for your Designing Needs

Metal textures can be used in a number of ways like while designing themes, wallpapers, posters and graphic backgrounds, etc. Due to their versatility, they are the need of every web and graphic designer. If you are looking for some gorgeous metallic textures for your upcoming designing work, then this is the place to be. We are showcasing here 20 exceptional Metallic Textures. These are all of High Quality and freely downloadable. Have a look and make the best use of these.

Free Mettalic Textures

1. Radial stainless steel background

Radial stainless steel background

2. Brushed gold metal texture

Brushed gold metal texture

3. Metal Textures

Metal Textures

4. Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper Texture

Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper Texture

5. Dark Metallic Texture

Dark Metallic Texture

6. Metal Texture

Metal Texture

7. Metal Textures

Metal Textures

8. Metal grid texture

Metal grid texture

9. Metallic Texture

Metallic Texture

10. Gold Leaf Metal Texture Flakes

Gold Leaf Metal Texture Flakes

11. Texture 208

Texture 208

12. Grunge Metal

Grunge Metal Texture

13. Rusty Sheet Metal Texture 2

Rusty Sheet Metal Texture 2

14. Metallic Wire Texture

Metallic Wire Texture

15. Metallic Texture

Metallic Texture

16. Corroded Metal

Corroded Metal - 10 Seamless Textures

17. Metal Melt Texture

Metal Melt Texture

18. Gold Metallic Texture Pack

Gold Metallic Texture Pack

19. Double Mesh Texture

Double Mesh Texture

20. Rust texture pack

Rust texture pack

21. Metallic Texture #1

Metallic Texture #1

22. Metallic Texture #2

Metallic Texture #2

23. Crushed Metal

Crushed Metal Texture

24. Metallic Texture #3

Metallic Texture #3

25. 476 – Metal Panel Texture

476 - Metal Panel Texture

26. Metal with drops

Metal with drops

27. Metallic Texture #4

Metallic Texture #4

28. Metallic Texture #5

Metallic Texture #5

29. Metallic Texture #6

30. Acrylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock

Acrylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock