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Web Design Trends 2013 - Part 5

Minimalism & Single Color Sites

Trend 1: Responsive web design (RWD)
Trend 2: Infinite scroll and more vertical scrolling
Trend 3: Sticky navigation/fixed headers/fixed position design elements
Trend 4: Parallax scrolling
Trend 5: HTML5 and CSS3 are here to stay

Trend 6: Flash is out for mobile website design
Trend 7: Leaner, faster, high - performance websites
Trend 8: Modular design using design process building blocks
Trend 9: Scalable web design (SWD)
Trend 10: Designing for the retina web and the mobile web
Trend 11: The beta model release - going strong
Trend 12: Thinking big - Oversized buttons, headers, background photos and text
Trend 13: Simplicity - Minimalism is better
Trend 14: Single color sites
- effectively using monochromatic color palettes
Trend 15: Illustration in web design
Trend 16: Social network badge design
Trend 17: Circles in website design
Trend 18: Blurred backgrounds

Trend 19: Single Page Websites
Trend 20: Skeuomorphic design is on its way out


Trend 7: Simplicity - Minimalism Is Better

Minimalism cuts away all the fluff and reduces web design to the essential elements, to achieve sleek and simple, elegant, professional and user-friendly websites.  The trend towards mobile website access has forced designers to pare content and navigation down to the minimum, so that the most important messages are conveyed first.

Design principles in minimalist web design are:

  • Cut away clutter - "less is more"
  • Simple, clean typography
  • Clean, simple navigation and graphics
  • Few colors: soft, muted backgrounds: neutral greys or shades of grey with one contrast color; use of black and white; black backgrounds, limited color palette with colors that co-ordinate and balance well
  • Content first - Focus on just text or just one large picture, with simple vertical navigation Large typography for logos and text.
  • Well organized content, a lot of white space


Take a look at some more inspiring examples of minimalism in web design


Trend 14: Single Color Sites - Effectively Using Monochromatic Color Palettes

Adding white or black to a single color gives you different shades of that color.  To avoid monotony while using a single color, use at least one dark color, one medium/dark color, one medium color and one light color.  This way you will achieve interesting highlights through contrast. Using as single color as a base, use shades, tints and tones to create variations.

These websites were developed in a monochromatic color palette.  Clean, bold, elegant and unified, many of these websites are minimalistic in their presentation. 

Go To Web Design Trends 2013 - Part 6

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