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Add a dash of panache to your design in 2020! Dive into a palette of trends, from duotones and gradients to photorealism, hand-drawn illustrations and isometric illustrations, from fluid shapes and animations to text-only design, minimalism and retro design.

Designers have never had it so good. All kinds of possibilities are opening up to create a wide and attractive range of online and print designs.

Let’s take a look at some of these design trends here.

1.  Vivid colors.  Flowing lines and curves.

Colors make a vibrant statement online and on the printed page, as do curves and flowing lines on white, black, or dark backgrounds.

Colorful Business Card Corporate Identity Template

Bright and Colorful Wave Design Business Card Template

Colorful Bifold Brochure Corporate Identity TemplateColorful Brochure Template Design - Vivid Colors, Flowing Lines

Curvy Dark Business Card Template

Curvy Dark Business Card Template - Ribbon Design

Creative Modern Bifold Brochure Corporate Identity Template

Creative Modern Brochure Design Template

2.  Shapes and Geometrics

Circles, hexagons, diamonds, triangles and other shapes are effective attention getters or present  visual cues to lead the viewer’s eye. Geometric patterns exist in nature, as in snowflakes  and leaves, and they are visually appealing, striking, and aesthetically pleasing.  They can be used with color in symmetrical or asymmetrical designs to communicate balance,  stability, creativity or a 3D  effect.

Geometric Flyer Design Template

Geometric Flyer Design Template

Geometric Bifold Brochure Template

Triangles Modern Brochure Design Template

Geometric Colorful Bifold Brochure Template 

Geometric Colorful Bifold Brochure Design Template

Modern Trifold Brochure Hexagon Template

Modern Tri-fold Brochure Design Template - Grey and Yellow Theme

Circle Design Bifold Brochure Template

Circle Design Brochure Template

3. 3D Depth and Realism and Futuristic Designs

Designers are using  textures like glass and plastic  to create a tactile, even surreal  realism to 3D  imagery and motion design.   Experimentation leads to fantasy and futuristic design.

Polygonal Bifold Brochure Template

Polygonal Bifold Brochure Design Template

Polygonal Bifold Brochure Template

Polygonal Bifold Brochure Template

3. Gradients and Duotones

Trendy color gradients and blends present rich effects, and duotones   that make the most of or images  and  types with two colors, convey a rich meaning beyond the words and pictures.


Creative Bifold Brochure Template

Creative Brochure Design Template

Abstract Business Card Template

Abstract Business Card Corporate Identity Template


Create an artistic look with duotone, a halftone reproduction of an image using the superimposition of one contrasting color halftone over another color halftone. This brings out highlights and midtones in the image. This is a trend made hugely popular by Spotify, and in 2020 it’s not going away anytime soon. Designers are using muted and matt duotones for product packaging and add flair to illustration.

Duotone PowerPoint Template

Duotone PowerPoint Template

Duotone PowerPoint Template

Duotone PowerPoint Template

Tommy Artistico – Photographer Gallery Elementor WordPress Theme

Tommy Artistico - Photographer Gallery Elementor WordPress Theme

Create your own Duotone photograph using a ready-made Duotone Photoshop Layers!

Duotone Layers

4. Muted Earthy Colors

While bold and vivid colors are popular, muted, earthy colors and line illustrations with photographs with subtle artistic backgrounds are used to create mood and emotion in this classy Instagram puzzle template.

Instagram Social Media Template

Instagram Social Media Template

5. Minimalism with color, imagination and creativity

Flat design has been shown to benefit user interface, but the minimalism of 2020 will evolve to warmer color palettes and color contrasts to draw attention to relevant content. For instance, Mailchimp with its minimal navigation and warm yellow draws attention to the main message supported by its simplified illustration and animation.

6. Photorealism

Realism, not perfection will be the aim in stock images and photography.

Fotor – Personal Portfolio HTML Landing Page Template

Fotor - Personal Portfolio HTML Landing Page Template

7.  Fluid Shapes and Animations

Liquid shapes create a feel of flexibility and fluidity.  Abstract design compositions using such shapes are fun, colorful, free-flowing, and artistic. You can use them in backgrounds, branding,  product packaging and more with a judicious blend of colors.

LifeTime – Motivational Speaker Clean Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Fluid Shapes in Web Design - Motivational Speaker Clean Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Liquid Text Effects with CorelDraw

Liquid Text Effects with CorelDraw

Liquid Facebook Cover And Instagram Post Social Media

Liquid Effect Social Media Templates

Click here to see an example of motion animation, fluid shapes and minimalistic design

Creative Digital Agency Landing Page Template

8.  Hand-drawn illustrations

Hand-written illustrations, text and line art will make images and text more distinctive and give them a unique brand identity.  Digital art finds artistic self-expression in folksy and authentic art that is more spontaneous, real and relatable.

Forest Walk Collection Illustration

Forest Illustrations

Nature Scenery In Animals Illustration

Nature Scene Overlay on Animal Illustrations

9.  Text-only and type-driven design

As Text-only and type-driven design gets more popular, metallic design will get brands seen and noticed.

Text driven Design - Typography Graphic Design in CorelDraw

You can create this cool effect using ready-made Typography Art Photoshop actions.

Typography 3 Photoshop Action



10.  Retro Typefaces and Images

Retro typefaces and images are making a comeback, in fresh presentations and bold colors.

Retro Music Party Flyer Template

Retro Music Party Flyer Template

Summer Camp Event Corporate Identity Template

Summer Camp Flyer Template Design

11.  Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations are illustrations with 3D depth, created by a technique called isometric projection, where any 3D object can be depicted on a flat 2D surface.

Financial Access Illustration

Financial Isometric Illustration

Diagnose Patients Health  Illustration

Medical Diagnosis Isometric Illustration

IOT Drone Search And Rescue Isometric  Illustration

IOT Drone Search And Rescue Isometric 1 - TU Illustration

12.  Motion graphics

Motion graphics with neon or colorful effects grab attention or make a dramatic transition. Softer abstract motion graphics have a calming effect, such as in the waiting room of a doctor’s office.


13. Text and Image Masking

Text Masking


In graphic design, a mask is a tool that allows you to protect a specific area of an image from modification. Large, bold type, particularly serif, rustic and retro type is in vogue these days. Simpler, sans serif fonts and negative space fonts are in favor with the more modern, minimalistic approach.

Text with character lends itself to masking. The design technique is minimalist as it cuts away non-essentials with only a part of an image showing through the text. It focuses on a single word or a few words and part of a picture, thus arresting attention, creating a sense of drama, mystery or romance.

Text and image masking will give rise to new text and image styles.  Design personalisation will cut through the increasingly impersonal clutter of the web.

Image Masking Modern Business Card Template Designs

Image Masking Modern Business Card Template Design

These are the exciting trends that designers are playing with in 2020.   While none of these are really new, different  combinations of them makes design 2020 stand apart,  whether is in  print design, art and photography, fonts, user interface design, logos or other creative assets.