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Well, change is a must. It is steady, inevitable – but obviously, it doesn’t happen rapidly. There’s one quote penned by C.S Lewis which suitably addresses: “Isn’t really funny how day by day nothing changes; but whenever we see back at it, everything is so different from the earlier?”

This same quote goes with web design as well. Just like a fine wine, this tech-savvy industry continues to grow with every passing day, month, and year. Of course, these changes are not noticeable immediately – however, it never stops. And those who don’t adopt it are surely the one left-back.

It’s the same with web design. Like a fine wine, our industry continues to mature with each passing day, month, and year. That change isn’t always immediately noticeable – but it never stops. And those who fail to adapt are quickly left behind.

There is one wonder in the question which happens to be in the web design industry: what would be the next?

With this post, let us see some of the emerging trends for website design presently and also in the upcoming forecast years.

Cutting Edge Web Design Trends

Now, come let us give a small sneak peek at some exciting web design trends that are definitely going to be so huge in 2020:

  1. Hero Video Headers
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“Believe in showing irrespective of telling.” Yes, you heard it right; actually, this is the real mantra behind every good product design. Imagery holds a very significant role, especially in visual design. This is because it helps the web designers to render the exact thought instantly.

Since a long-time period, designers have had to practice the static imagery to deliver their exact concepts; however, it has been completely changed now. Presently, high-speed connections make it pretty simpler for designers to make their home pages turn into something immersive, thereby ensuring a great level of experience. Of course, video content engages users more, and this is the reason why users nowadays are more willing to use their time while watching videos. However, the time duration for these video clips may vary from one another, although it relies entirely on the business demands.

Welooks – Multi Interactive Landing Page Template

Multi Interactive Landing Page Template
  1. Organic Shapes

Back then, the average screen resolutions use to limit graphics on webpages. But, now the whole concept has been changed completely. More so, website grids were very obvious then plus the design angles had a few restrictions; nevertheless, thank god; this is not the case anymore now.

Well, there is one 2019’s amazing web design trends that have completely stood out from else, and this is the use of natural-looking shapes. These shapes can ooze, drip down, and crawl on the screens, which actually reminds of nature. Be it raindrop splatter on the window or vine snaking a wall; all such things can be made feel fresh and real with an addition of organic shape trends.

LifeTime – Motivational Speaker Clean Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Motivational Speaker Clean Multipage HTML5 Website Template
  1. Drop Shadows and Depth

Utilizing shadows is previously old, but why? Even though shadows are a staple from notable time, by the progression of web browsers, people eventually are able to see some exciting modifications. Well, the most complex design challenges are building depth; while flat designs can be tiresome and wearying, to oppose this, it is the responsibility of a designer to build designs that catches the utmost attention.

For such an extended period, web designers have been making an illusion of depth through the drop shadow technique. However, now, drop shadows set a pseudo shadow beside every object to create an impact, and then this false shadow is managed by some varied parameters to simulate actual effects.

Utilizing this method makes design elements seem to fly over the web by getting additional consideration. Nevertheless, collectively with parallax layouts and grids, designers are now able to experience advantages. Well, this actually can be an instant response to the flat design trend that has been extensively common in some past years. Basically, shadow play creates a truly multifaceted influence that raises the aesthetics of the web page and enhances the User Experience (UX).

  1. Embeddable and Engaging Infographics
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Infographics have become a craze now. The best part about these infographics is that you can you a lot of experiments with it and don’t need to pay even any penny for it. Probably, now you be wondering why does it even matter? Simple – because people really love infographics. Well, there’s no doubt people tend to get more attracted to infographics, and this is actually a good sign.

There are numerous tools obtainable in the industry, which may let you slam social media by building some wonderful infographics. The best part is that a person can benefit from creating the infographic, and bloggers get the advantage of getting more views. In fact, if it works fine, the infographic is effective; then chances are you are off in the hyperlink acquisition campaigns.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
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Accelerated Mobile Pages is generally a system created as a means to raise the loading speed of the pages on mobile devices. This basically lets web pages load faster while browsing. As per Google’s latest updates, it’s stated that SEO ranking preference will be proffered to the sites that have the AMP configured.

More so, with Accelerated Mobile Pages on a business site, the operation of ads on Google Adwords gets more influential than earlier. AMP enables building sites and ads which are more engaging, secure, and high-performing on numerous devices. More so, a company can consider practicing Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality to optimize mobile users’ experiences.

  1. Minimalistic Asymmetrical Designs

Many times, there comes a situation when there gets a need to add more elements then we would actually like to, and in such a case, instincts ask to make changes in symmetrical grids. While in the design arena, less is always more and asymmetry becomes much engaging and effective.

This is the reason why minimalistic asymmetrical designs are one of the most intricate design styles to do. Though it is a challenging job, the method of dropping non-essential components ends in a reliable, more effective design. A business knowing the complete proportion, layering, and whitespace is an ideal solution in such a case.

7. Mobile-First

Mobile browsing has now exceeded desktop. Nearly everyone nowadays does shopping from their smartphones. Earlier, this was just a clunky means that people were not ready to utilize. Web designers got confused: how to place a regular menu and sub-menu on such a limited screen?

However, now the complete scenario has been changed. Now, a designer may need to ditch beautiful and large photos though icons have become more efficient and common that designers can easily integrate them into the design. With this, UX issues have also become simpler to know and fix with micro-interactions giving you instant feedback on the user’s activities.

Final thoughts

In the end, these trends will come and then go. A few of them will indeed last for a long time while others will simply flash in the kettle. What matters the most will stick onto your side and stay true for the brand you design.

Try sticking with those that best aligns with your business ethos. If there is something that is said to be “on-trend,” it doesn’t mean you ought to follow up with it. You must follow-up with those which seem to be most useful for making your web design more impactful and effective.

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