Your website has to grow as your business needs develop.These templates are designed to do just that.  They are robust and flexible, to scale up from a small retail or service business to a large enterprise with multiple  products, product and brand categories, and customers. The websites featured here are built on the most popular open-source CMS platforms WordPress  and Joomla, and on the widely-used open source ecommerce software platforms PrestaShop and Magento. These templates draw the users with their attractive design, ease of use and navigation and lead them to buy the products or services, presenting them with sliders, banners, parallax and product carousels among other website design elements.

Presstige – Digital Printing Company Responsive WordPress Theme

This website template with its eye-catching and colorful design  sells the services of a digital printing company.  It has multiple blog layouts and various header & footer styles for ease of customization to your preferences. WordPress Live Cusotmizer lets you customize your site with multiple theme options and view your changes live, without reloading the site.Presstige - Digital Printing Company Responsive WordPress Theme

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Content Modules allow you to add multiple content types to your site like sliders, buttons, contact forms, buttons, tables, counters and more. Power Page Builder
allows you to compose professional pages without touching a line of a code. Appointment Manager Plugin lets your visitors book appointments directly on your website.  Organize your schedule easily and make productive use of your time with this plugin. Present your services neatly with Cherry Services plugin.  This theme is SEO-friendly, with its code and structure optimized to fit Google guidelines for websites.  The theme is based on Cherry Framework 5. Live Search helps your customer to locate your products with ease.

B2Bstore PrestaShop Theme

This B2Bstore PrestaShop theme for a wholesale store is professionally designed for ease of use with a wealth of categories and products that are easy for a customer to locate and shop.

B2Bstore PrestaShop Theme

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With the Customization Tool, you can change theme colors, tweak header and footer elements and Newsletter Popups with ease.  The header with Megamenu and Search makes it super-easy to browse for products. The header slider showcases the best Sale offers to good effect with banners below spotlighting other categories and sales.  More banners lead to pages showing product collections. A parallax banner with 3D immersive effect in a 2D environment provides information on products and highlights Deals of the Week, with smaller banners promoting products and sale offers.   Blog posts lead into the blog which promote products. The footer with contact details, social media and newsletter completes the homepage.

If you have  diverse inventories for sale, the wholesale store is exactly what you need. The B2B Store PrestaShop Theme is intended for large stores with a wide assortment of wares and various categories. The design of this store stands out against the others. as it is bright and memorable. The B2B store theme is really easy to install and manage even for those who are just starting their business on the Internet. The theme has a large number visual and functional features such as: category labels, grid and list category views, multiple product image previews, blog post previews and many other content types. All-in-one-shop is a great opportunity to save your time and money. This PrestaShop theme will fit a wide range of online stores. Don’t miss the chance to create a brilliant and unique project.

Impresta – Fashion PrestaShop Theme 

This trendy fashion theme is part of the Impresta multipurpose PrestaShop Theme.  It is totally responsive and looks and functions well on all devices from desktop to mobile.  This theme is available in 8 color schemes that look bright and exclusive, in 6 readymade layouts, with 10+ premium modules and a full pack of stock photos included. ImPresta includes a number of premium modules that bring your website to a new level.

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Add live product search to your online store with TM Search Module. Create and organize collections of your products and share them across social networks with TM Collections Module. The theme also comes with exclusive modules such as TM Mega Layout, TM Products Slider, TM Infinite Scroll, TM One-Click Order and TM Custom Products Tab. Sell your branded apparel and  designer wear on Impresta. And watch your sales take off!

Autotune Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Created with Mega Layout Builder, Autotune comes with 4 color schemes,  
3 pre-made layouts included.

The header with MegaMenu categorizes products by parts or by brands and promotes items on sale.  A search function makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.
Autotune Responsive PrestaShop Theme
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Popular categories are shown in banners on top and logos of top brands are featured in a grid below. A carousel with a textured black background showcases Hot Deals of the week with an Add to Cart button in red below.  View products in nother carousel below by different categories with convenient tabs, with prices and Shopping Cart.  News and Articles from the blog lead into the Blog and related posts with mment forms.   The Customization Tool enables you to change theme colors and tweak  header and footer elements to your liking. 

Exclusive modules that save you $862 and help you manage your store effectively include:  
TM Deal of the Day, TM Product List Gallery, TM Category Products, TM Products Slider, TM Mega Menu, TM Mega Layout , TM Header Account, TM Infinite Scroll, TM Manufacturers Block, TM Product Search, TM Product Zoomer, TM Newsletter Block, TM Related Products, TM Products Videos, TM One Click Order, TM Media Parallax, TM Collections, TM Google Map, TM HTML Content
Responsive design displays and functions well on any device from desktop to mobile.
Product presentation gets a fillip with TM Product Slider, TM Category Products displayed in grids, mosaics and carousels, related products, product videos and parallax. Let your customers login via social networks with TM Header Account. Navigation is made easy with TM MegaMenu, TM Mega Layout and TM Infinite Scroll. TM Live Product Search enables customers to find products they are looking for easily.

DeckArt Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Spectacularly eye-catching is this Art Gallery Template with its colorful canvas of paintings and banners.
DeckArt Responsive PrestaShop Theme
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Fully responsive, this art gallery template displays and functions well on screen sizes of all devices, from mobile to desktop. The text slider in the header promotes upcoming art exhibitions and sale of tickets, provides information on gallery timings and events. The hamburger menu on the left opens up to reveal all categories.  Menu icons on the right reveal a settings dropdown with multiple language options, sitemap, a blog, a search function, login form and shopping cart. The homepage features Quick Views of products which on click lead into product pages with detailed descriptions and slideshows. Every product can be viewed in a product Catalog, in grid or list views, with a description and price, with discounts if any, and shopping cart. This gallery website can be searched by category. A Customization Tool provides a theme color switcher, Newsletter Popup, and ability to customize header and footer elements with a click. Instagram integration, a map and footer navigation completes the striking design.

This theme was created with Mega Layout Builder, with 3 pre-made layouts included.
You get tons of exclusive modules that save you $655 and help you manage your store effectively!
TM Header Account, TM MegaMenu, TM Category Products, TM Mosaic Products, TM Product Videos, TM Related Products,  TM Google Map, TM Search,  TM Product List Gallery, TM Media Parallax,  TM Product Zoomer,  TM Products Slider, TM HTML Content, TM Mega Layout
Customize and manage your theme with ease using any of these user-friendly modules.  Let your customers login via any one of their social networks and save their valuable time using TM Header Account.  Create a megamenu of any complexity with
TM MegaMenu module. Give your images an immersive depth in a 2D environment with TM Media Parallax. Present your products in most effectively with product-related modules. And you can create your very own homepage using the Mega Layout Builder and Mosaic Products!

Deliatte – Food Delivery & Takeaway Magento Theme

Fresh food and no work at home – sounds good doesn’t it? This online food delivery webslte template will have your customers eating out of your hand.  Deliatte - Food Delivery & Takeaway Magento Theme
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The header slider serves up appetizing options of  yummy food with Order Now buttons asking for action at each site.  Banners with a images with zoom and tempting offers and Order Now buttons simply ask for the order. Menu options on sale are featured below with prices and shopping cart. Each product leads into product pages with detailed descriptions, reviews, product slideshows prices and shopping cart.   A special weekly offer is featured in a parallax banner above the footer. The Megamenu with food categories and images helps customers to order and the Food Delivery Service to promote special menu items, offers or events.

Save $247 with TM modules included in the template
Newsletter Popup
Ajax Search

Megamenu helps you create beautiful customized menus for your site. With the ability to create categories, subcategories and posts, you can boost user engagement and increase SEO for your site. 

Newsletter Popup
Create personalized subscription lists and keep your customers informed of special menus and offers of your delivery service.

Ajax Search
Ajax Search allows people to view results as they type. Results narrow as they type but they can remove characters and view broader results again.

Sorting options
This template allows you to view products in grid or list-based views, by products or by brand, size and other options.

Product Badges
These attention-grabbing UI elements such as “Sale” “New” etc  focus attention on  your product and indicate its status and value.  They provide more effective promotion of e-store merchandise.

 Up Agency Responsive Joomla Template 

This template for a digital agency has a contemporary look. Upwardly pointing arrows portray the image of a rising company going places, that can help its clients to grow.

Up Agency Responsive Joomla Template Live demo Buy

Images in black and white are set off by blocks of color, with the arrow triangles visible within the blocks.   The modular design makes the template easy to customize and edit to your preferences using a wide range of UI elements to enrich the site. Testimonials are shown in blockquotes with text transitions to add credibility. The template includes a gallery to showcase your agency’s best work and a blog with color images and video to connect with your clients, share useful articles and news.  The hamburger menu expands to show page titles and a sitemap.  This template is also suitable for a creative, advertising, design or service agency.

This fully Responsive template displays and performs well in screen sizes of any device from desktop to mobile.   Parallax provides immersive 3D depth to 2D images, enriching the user experience.   Customize your website with UI Elements such as lists, block quotes and accordions to pricing tables, progress bars and counters. The Customization Tool enables you to change theme colors to your preferences.  Every page that you need is predesigned for your website, from About Us to Our Team to Portfolio, Testimonials and more. A Search function is a useful tool for users to find what they are looking for.    Social Login allows users to login using any of their social media accounts. Customize the typography of your site using a wide variety of Google Fonts. Guide your customer to your location easily with a Google Map.  The template also contains a built-in Contact Form and other website elements.