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Color is an important element in website design as it has psychological and cultural meanings.

Blue is the most popular corporate color, for it has several positive connotations. Blue is a cool, natural color, from the color of the sky, and is universally liked.  It comes in a wide spectrum of shades which gives the designer a lot of room to imaginatively play with the subtle shades of color.

Blue conveys importance and confidence (think ‘power suits’ of the business world). It conveys loyalty, spirituality, peace, dependability, trustworthiness and security. It is also calming and has an element of spirituality about it. Medium and darker shades of blue are favoured for corporate logos as they are associated with intelligence, unity, conservatism and stability.  Using blue in your website design communicate these positive attributes of your company or product and will create a positive impression on your target consumer and website visitor.

On the other hand, in certain cultures blue is the color of mourning. ‘Feeling blue’ or getting ‘the blues’ expresses sadness, depression, or the lack of strong emotion – dullness, despair, apathy. Teaming the darker and more somber shades of blue with complementary or contrasting colors restores energy and balance to the layout.

Presented below is a selection of professionally designed HTML5, Bootstrap, Responsive, Website Templates using the color blue in a variety of attractive designs.  Steadfast and strong or light and friendly, blue can be teamed with grey (bankers’ colors) to convey trust and dependability; blue and gold or silver for a premium look;  blue and green for an eco-friendly feel;  blue and white for an airy, summery look;  blue and purple for a feel of royalty;  blue and black for classiness, power, sophistication and style.  Blue can be contrasted judiciously with yellow, red or orange in order to bring excitement, energy or warmth into the layout.

Watera – Water Delivery Company WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Watera WooCommerce WordPress Theme is WooCommerce WordPress theme coded with exclusive cutting edge technologies designed for Water Sale, Water Delivery Company, Water Transport Service, Water Supply and All Water Vendors.


Watera water delivery company woocommerce wordpress theme | entheosweb

Carwash – Car Washing Services HTML5 Template

Carwash – car wash services HTML Template is crafted for car wash, car washing and car maintenance services.Carwash makes an incredible first connection with each prospect on the grounds that its design looks proficient and clear. Carwash HTML Template is ideal solution for the make one of a kind car service responsive sites.

Carwash car washing services html5 template | entheosweb

Technit – Technology WordPress Theme

Technit WordPress Theme has been developed for those who want to create an innovative structure in the digital environment and look at the future from a different perspective. Technit WordPress Theme is designed for brands that provide Technology, Technology Companies, IT Services, Web Design, Web Software, Corporate Business, Consulting and All Technological Services.

Technit technology wordpress theme | entheosweb

Anka – Cyber ​​Security & Online Cyber ​​Security WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Anka - Cyber ​​Security & Online Cyber ​​Security WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Amwer- Elementor MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Amwer It Service is a modern WordPress theme designed to help businesses create a professional website for their IT service business. The theme includes a range of customisable features to help you create an attractive website quickly and easily.

Amwer elementor multipurpose wordpress theme | entheosweb

Blueking – Diving Club WordPress Theme

Blueking WordPress Theme is a professional WordPress theme for Diving ClubSwimming ClubSwimmingOceanMarine Science and Diving Education.You will get a great impression with the Wavy Custom Slider area. With the 3D services area and stunning effects, your visitors will add your site to their favourites.

Blueking diving club wordpress theme | entheosweb


Flex-IT | Business Services & IT Solutions Multipurpose Responsive Landing Page Template

Flex-IT is a modern and responsive Multi-Purpose Bootstrap 5 landing page template that can serve startup digital agencies, SEO agencies, web development, and online marketing services.We designed the Flex-IT template to be trendy, sleek, and elegant to add more attractiveness and a professional look to your website pages.

Flex it | business services it solutions multipurpose responsive landing page template | entheosweb


Softim – A SaaS WordPress Theme To Serve Digital Product Marketing

Softim is a modern, outstanding, attractive, and advanced tech SaaS WordPress theme that helps to build your dream online presence. With this digital agency WordPress theme, you can build a creative agency, marketing agency, digital marketing agency, or boost your selling via a WooCommerce website.

Softim is a modern outstanding attractive and advanced tech saas wordpress theme that helps to build your dream online presence With this digital agency wordpress theme you can build a creative agency marketing agency digital marketing agency or boost your selling via a woocommerce website | entheosweb


Techvia – IT Solutions & Business Services Website Template

Look no further than IT Solutions & Business Services Website Template! This tech-packed template is perfect for agencies, startups, or any other business looking to provide digital services or IT solutions. With a sleek and modern design, IT Solutions & Business Services Website Template is sure to grab the attention of potential clients.

| entheosweb


Digitzo – Multipurpose Landing Page WordPress Theme

Digitzo is a multipurpose WordPress template.this is a elementor based template that is suitable for any type of agency site design, portfolio, design studio, digital site, corporate agency and more.Digitzo a flexible and creative multipurpose template for advertising or business types work or commercial projects.

Digitzo multipurpose landing page wordpress theme | entheosweb

IdealSoft – It Solutions & Software Design Website Template

IdealSoft – It Solutions & Software Design Website Template is a great technology solutions template for It Startups, Logo designers, Business solutions, Software houses, It Solutions Providers, Tech Industries, Social Media Campaigns, Graphics Designs, Software Design, Projects Design, Software Development, And all tech houses to create website in few minutes and get most of pre made pages

Idealsoft it solutions software design website template | entheosweb

Ensoft – Technology and It Solutions Website Template

Ensoft – Technology & Software house Best Website Template is Responsive and created with Boostrap HTML5, CSS, Js, PHP, Jquery. Ensoft is an outstanding attractive animated html5 template. Ensoft template is an IT Solutions template and supported all mobile devices.

Ensoft technology and it solutions website template | entheosweb

If you want your website to create a friendly, likeable, calming impression and convey trust and dependability, you can’t go wrong with the color blue.

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