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Create YouTube thumbnails for your videos within a couple minutes with these ready-made YouTube thumbnail designs! Edit text and put your own photos. It’s that easy! Get ideas and inspiration with the different kinds of designs – gold text, neon text, glitch effects, abstract designs, geometrical designs, and modern designs.

We have Youtube thumbnail templates for gym and fitness, cooking and chefs, mobile tips and tricks, dance studios, businesses, and more! Great for YouTubers, video bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, vlogs, Youtube creators, and influencers. Also good for podcasters, talk shows, and YouTube podcasts.
YouTube Thumbnails with 3D Text

Youtube thumbnails with 3d text | entheosweb
90’s Style YouTube Thumbnails
Get back to the nineties with these funny templates. Bubblegum colors for your cheerful mood. Cute retro elements were created with a bit of nostalgia.

90 | entheosweb's Style YouTube Thumbnails

Glitch YouTube Thumbnail Templates

Glitch youtube thumbnail templates | entheosweb

Holochrome YouTube Thumbnails

Thumbnails set of 6 Photoshop templates. Shining holographic 3d lettering. Easy to edit 3d text via smart object.

Holochrome youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Neon Podcast YouTube Thumbnails

Create shining YouTube thumbnails for your videos within a couple of minutes! Edit texts and put your photos in. It’s so easy! Editable neon texts. Also, you can use shapes for neon tubes. The neon effect works with texts, logos, and shapes.

Neon podcast youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

YouTube Thumbnails with Gold Text

Shiny gold text with gold confetti and photo places.

Youtube thumbnails with gold text | entheosweb

Restaurant Offers Youtube Thumbnails

Restaurant offers youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Pet Care Youtube Thumbnail Template Social Media

Pet care youtube thumbnail template social media | entheosweb

Yoga and Meditate YouTube Thumbnails

Yoga and meditate youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Chef Cooking YouTube Thumbnails

Chef cooking youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Mobile Tricks and Tips YouTube Thumbnails

Mobile tricks and tips youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Business Management Youtube Thumbnails

Business management youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Zumba Dance Studio Youtube Thumbnails

Zumba dance studio youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Gym and Fitness Studio Youtube Thumbnails

Gym and fitness studio youtube thumbnails | entheosweb

Architecture Design Concept Youtube Thumbnails Template

Architecture design concept youtube thumbnails template | entheosweb

Food and Restaurant YouTube Thumbnails

Food and restaurant youtube thumbnails | entheosweb