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Videos can be a combination of video clips, images, text, music, voiceover, transitions etc. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add and trim video clips, add text, and add and trim music that fades out near the end of the video. With these concepts, you can learn all the basics of creating a short video in Canva. Once you learn the basics you can try out different transitions, beat sync, text animations, etc to create a richer video viewing experience.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create the following short video in Canva:

In order to create the above video we will use two video clips and a music clip from the Canva Elements Library however you can use your own video and audio clips as well.

Step 1: Sign into Canva and Select Video

Select video option in canva | entheosweb

Step 2: Select the type of video you want to create. We will choose the first option ‘Video’

Video options available in canva | entheosweb

Step 3: Upload video clips, photos, and graphics that you want to use in your video. You can also find video clips, photos, and graphics from Canva Elements.

Upload video clips or search from elements | entheosweb

Step 4: Drag and drop the video clips/ photos/ graphics into the timeline. You can also click on the video clip etc to add it directly to the page and then resize and position it. Drag new video clips onto the plus button to insert them into a new page. Repeat the process until you have inserted all the video clips, images, etc. You can also click the plus button to add a blank new page.

Add video clips to the timeline | entheosweb

Step 5: Select each video clip in the timeline and then click the scissor icon with the video duration, in the toolbar above, to trim the length of each video clip.

Trim the video clip | entheosweb

Step 6: Drag the sliders at each end to select the part of the video you wish to keep. Click the triangle play button to play the video. Click ‘Done’ when satisfied. In this case, we have reduced the duration of a 28.5 sec video clip to 1.8 secs. Trim all the video clips until you are satisfied.

Trim the video clip duration | entheosweb

Step 7: Add text to the pages.

Add text in canva video | entheosweb

You can experiment with animating the text later.

Animate text in video | entheosweb

Step 8: Add transitions between the pages if you like. Click the arrow icon between the pages on the timeline to add transition effects. Click the plus icon to add a page between pages. You can experiment with the different types of page transitions later.

Transitions in video | entheosweb

Step 9: Upload your custom sound file (music or a voiceover) or select an audio file from the Canva Audio library.

Upload or select audio file for video in canva | entheosweb

Step 10: Drag and drop the audio to the timeline. Make sure the timeline marker is at the point you want the audio to begin, then drag the audio onto the timeline.

Insert the audio into the video timeline | entheosweb

Step 11: Adjust the audio. To select the portion of the sound clip you want to use click ‘Adjust’ and slide the music clip to select the part you want. To fade in and fade out select the ‘Audio effects’ option. If you want the video to sync with the beat of the music use the Beat Sync option. You can experiment with Beat Sync later.

Adjust audio in canva | entheosweb

Step 12: Fade out the music so it doesn’t end abruptly. Click Audio Effects on the toolbar and then adjust the fade-out time.

Fade out audio in video in canva | entheosweb

Step 13: Click the Play button to view your video along with the audio.

Play the video to see how it looks | entheosweb

Step 14: Download your video and share it. Congratulations you are done!

Download the final video | entheosweb

Now that you have learned the basics of video editing in Canva you can try out different transitions, beat sync, text animations, etc to create a richer video viewing experience. Canva also offers a variety of YouTube Intro and Outro design templates which you can add and customize on the first and last pages of your video respectively.

We hope this tutorial was useful to you. All the best!

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